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Discounts & Special Offers At Four Seasons


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The best way to get discounts, special offers, and free benefits at the cheapest Four Seasons hotels is to book your next Four Seasons stay via our luxury travel concierge, and we can give you free loyalty-style benefits, room upgrades, and perks, at the cheapest rates.

We Get You Priority For Upgrades

The Four Seasons hotel benefits that our concierge offers are prioritized because we are an exclusive and official Four Seasons agent.

What does this mean? Put simply, a room booked by us will get priority upgrades over those who book any other way. Book with us to get a free upgrade. If there is only one room available at the hotel, which is the category above yours, we put you at the front of the line. You will be prioritized to get this upgrade!

What About Special Offers & Discounted Rates Online?

The great thing about booking with our concierge is that you can get these free benefits while taking advantage of Four Seasons hotel special offers.

Each individual hotel will have its unique special offers page. Here are just some of them:

And In Hawaii:

The perks that you get by booking with our concierge can also be combined with these Four Seasons deals.

One of my favorite hotels in the world is Grand-Hotel du Cap-Ferrat, A Four Seasons Hotel which has excellent offers out of season. Book just before it closes for the winter or only before it opens in the spring, and you will find this one of the cheapest Four Seasons in the world, as long as you book right at the start or the end of the season.

The Cheapest Four Seasons Hotel

I have reviewed Grand-Hôtel du Cap-Ferrat, A Four Seasons Hotel, so you can see firsthand how brilliant this hotel is. The hotel closes around December 2 and will reopen on March 1. Book for November and March, and you will get brilliant deals. I just looked up the rate for their standard room in March, and it is close to €800 EUR per night. I challenge you to find a cheaper Four Seasons hotel of this caliber. This is the best of the best when it comes to Four Seasons.

Usefully, it is also around 40-minute taxi ride from Nice airport, which is easy to get to, particularly for us Brits who can fly into Nice on BA on about ten flights daily. If you book with our concierge, this bargain rate will include breakfast, a room upgrade, late check-in, early check-out, a VIP gift, $100 USD to spend, etc.

Do I get Reward Style Benefits?

There are ways to take advantage of loyalty style benefits, much like those you would be gifted with if you were the top tier of one of the big chain loyalty programs.

You can take advantage of these loyalty style benefits from your very first stay. And Four Seasons is not alone in this luxury offering. Most luxury hotels have hidden travel agent loyalty programs that give you free benefits if you book with the right “Virtuoso” or hotel partner agent. I have outlined the best luxury hotel loyalty programs which give you upgrades and free breakfast.

Four Seasons Loyalty Program

There have been rumors about a consumer Four Seasons loyalty program, but none of these rumors have come to fruition. The only way to get loyalty style benefits is to book through a high-end travel agency like our own concierge.

As for loyalty rewards, forget it. You won’t be able to collect for free nights. Your best bet is to book a 3-4-2 free night offer or to book out of the main season when they discount some of their hotels quite heavily (like Four Seasons Grand Hotel Du Cap Ferrat in November, just before it closes). You can’t take advantage of the sun and heat in the same way in the low season, but a stay at a Four Seasons hotel is always fantastic, even in the rain!

Four Seasons Rewards Program

Why doesn’t Four Seasons reward loyal consumers with rewards and a loyalty program? My thoughts are that it doesn’t need to. High-end hotels don’t want to encourage mattress runs. They don’t need to encourage businesses to hold conferences on their properties with the incentive that workers will gain personal rewards from their business travel. This may be the Marriott, Hilton, IHG, or Hyatt model, but Four Seasons mainly attract high-end leisure guests. They don’t need to use rewards to attract loyal customers.

Four Seasons’ CEO Allen Smith explained the lack of a loyalty program as a decision based on customer feedback that showed that “Four Seasons guests are far less concerned about accumulating points to be redeemed for rewards as they are in a position where they’re recognized, and we understand their preferences and can serve them in that highly personalized way they’ve come to expect.”

How About Corporate Promo Codes?

There ARE special corporate promo codes, so if you are an employee of a company like Goldman Sachs, Bank Of America, IBM, or the government, you might be able to take advantage of these discounts, but these codes are not widely available to the general public. Also, the discount may not be as good as the free benefits offered by our luxury travel concierge. We suggest asking for a free quote so you can compare prices and benefits and get the full picture before booking.

You do get a discount if you are a Four Seasons resident. In this case, if you own a Four Seasons residence, you will be able to book into other Four Seasons resorts at a discounted price. Again, this may not be worth as much as the benefits offered by our luxury travel concierge. Again, we suggest asking for a free quote before making your final decision.

Early booking discount rates, special promotional packages, promo codes, friends and family rates, corporate rates, group rates, and other discounted rates usually also qualify for the perks you get by booking with our luxury travel concierge. Still, it is always worth checking with our travel experts to be sure.

Why Four Seasons?

The thing the Four Seasons hotels do so well is to provide a guarantee of room quality, service, and a resort of an extremely high standard. Wherever you go in the world, the rooms will be large and luxurious. The bathrooms, in particular, are always enormous, even in the base rooms. Their cheapest rooms are still an excellent size, standard, and quality. They are usually identical to the rooms with a larger price tag and are often only differentiated from each other by the view.

As an example, at the Four Seasons Maui, the cheapest rooms are the rooms with Mountain views (which face towards the car park). These rooms are the same size and quality as the Garden View Rooms, where your lanai is looking over the garden, which is again identical to the next up, with is the Partial Ocean, followed by the Ocean View rooms. You are paying for the view in this situation as even the cheapest room is a great room and of similar or the same size. Of course, in the cheapest room, you are just facing the wrong way and won’t hear the crashing of the waves as you fall asleep. Still, I am very sure you will have a similarly great holiday, whichever room you choose, and if you book via our concierge, we can bump you up a room level for free (as well as offering a bunch of other free benefits!).

This level of quality guarantees you an enjoyable stay at any Four Seasons hotel around the world, whatever room you book. Communal areas are also always immaculate, and the staff are always welcoming and often address you by your name (although I still don’t know how they manage to do this, bearing in mind the size of some Four Seasons hotels!).

How About Other Luxury Chains?

Many luxury hotel addicts prefer Aman hotels, “Aman Junkies,” or choose hotels that are part of the Leading Hotels Of The World instead of booking Four Seasons hotels. Having stayed at all three many times, I believe all three hotel chains have their merits.

How Does The Price Compare?

The price of Leading Hotels of the World hotels and resorts varies massively, particularly when comparing times of the season, as you can pick up so really cheap rates at these hotels out of season. In contrast, the price of Four Seasons hotels tends to be much more consistent, with rooms rarely discounted. Instead, Four Seasons hotels usually offer three-for-the-price-of-two or four-for-three packages in the low season.

But how do you work out which room to book? How do you know whether the restaurant is good? How do you know if the bar is any good and worth spending the evening? If it is not a Four Seasons hotel, you cannot be sure of what you will experience before you arrive.

Why I Love A Four Seasons Hotel

I love Four Seasons hotels, not least because they are so lovely to my own child. My little boy, who is growing at a fantastic rate, is still welcomed with open arms across all Four Seasons hotels. I have never felt uncomfortable taking him out in the evening or fearful when I see other families at Four Seasons hotels as I have never seen a badly behaved child at a Four Seasons on all my travels – they must be worn out from having too much fun!

And when you are tired and in an unfamiliar part of the world that is far from home, a Four Seasons hotel will make you feel cossetted and safe. The staff will know where the nearest pharmacy or doctor is. They will have a supply of any toiletries that you forgot; they will cater to your child who refuses to eat an egg because “there are black bits in it” (pepper), even if that means redelivering a different version of the same meal twice. They will even entertain your children at one of their many wonderful kids’ clubs, so it is a real vacation for you as well as the kids.

Where necessary, they will provide an adult-only pool so that you can keep your sanity. Four Seasons will satisfy any discerning traveler’s needs and tastes and is undoubtedly one of the world’s best and most well-known luxury hotel brands. They will have thought of everything, and even though their environment may be slightly sanitized and have more of a Four Seasons personality than the personality of the local area, I am a major fan.

Should I Book With My Credit Card?

Our agency is an official partner of Four Seasons hotels, so the upgrade benefits are prioritized in front of people who book Four Seasons via any other platform, including credit cards like the Platinum American Express and Finest Hotels & Resorts.

We put you at the front of the queue, so if there is just one room upgrade left, you will be more likely to get a better room if you have booked with us before a guest who books via their Amex credit card.

Note: Benefits & upgrades subject to availability. Benefits offered correct at the time of writing. Terms & conditions apply. Enquire for more information. Benefits offered correct at the time of writing but may be amended at discretion of the vendor. Posts may be sponsored by the proprietor or brand being appraised. All opinions remain our own & are in no way influenced.