Grand Hyatt Vs. Hyatt Regency Vs. Andaz Bali. Which Is Best?


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Having already compared Park Hyatt Vs. Andaz and writing specific comparisons such as the Hyatt Regency Vs. Andaz on Maui, we now travel to Bali to compare the Grand Hyatt Vs. Hyatt Regency Vs. Andaz Bali.

Spoiler alert: The Andaz Bali is the best, and we outline why below. To get the best deal, book via our luxury travel concierge. Our official Hyatt Prive partnership offering free benefits at Hyatt hotels means we can prioritize room upgrades for you, as well as sharing free breakfast for two people, room credit, and more.

Of note, the Alila hotels also come under the same Hyatt brand. There are four in Bali; Alila Uluwatu is amazing for peace and epic views. Alila Ubud is brilliant for wildlife; monkeys will wait on your balcony for a bite to eat! Alila Manggis is quiet and ideal for relaxing. Alila Seminyak enjoys nightlife and a beach club, unlike the other Alila hotels.

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1. Location

Bali in Indonesia is one of the most developed tropical destinations in Asia. This busy and touristy island has some beautiful luxury hotels; some of the best include the Grand Hyatt in the busy resort area of Nusa Dua on the southernmost tip of Bali, with beaches on both sides of the resort.

Hyatt Regency and the Andaz Bali are located in a quieter resort area on Sanur Beach. Both of these resorts are located within walking distance of lots of interesting restaurants, cafes, gelato shops, etc.

We prefer the location of Sanur Beach as the town is less hectic than Nusa Dua. Grand Hyatt in Nusa Dua is surrounded by resorts, so although the setting is serene, there is nothing much to do except stay in the resort. This means that cheap meals in local restaurants are not possible from this hotel so this can add to the cost of staying at the Grand Hyatt.

2. Setting

Andaz Bali, which opened in 2021, is set on the edge of the Sanur beach on Bali’s east coast and is constructed out of local materials, including red brick and teak, making it feel authentically Bali.

The resort spans out from the village square in the center of the resort and is pretty, with plenty of lovely greenery. This compares favorably to the Hyatt Regency block next door, which is housed in a 1970s grey concrete building.

From above, the Hyatt Regency resembles three intersecting circles from the Olympic signage. The hotel has camouflaged the rather hideous building with some glorious interiors, but the fact remains that this hotel is housed in unattractive 1970s blocks.

Grand Hyatt Bali is a large hotel but has a serene entrance with a walkway surrounded by serene ponds, and there is much emphasis on the spa here. It also has a long winding pool, and is set right on the beacj so is a beautiful property.

For us, the Andaz offers the most style. Its village design and contemporary rooms make it your best Hyatt option in Bali for a luxurious setting.

3. Beach

Both Hyatt Regency and Andaz Bali hotels are next to each other on the same stretch of beach. The beach is not a differentiator between these hotels.

Both hotels are right on the beach, but the beach is not private, and there is a public boardwalk that runs the entire stretch of Sanur Beach that anyone can stroll along. Sanur Beach enjoys calm waters due to the break far offshore, so you can wade out in waist-high water for some distance.

The beach in front of the Grand Hyatt is similarly gorgeous, with golden sands. The sand here is coarser, and the waves tend to be rougher.

4. Rooms

The Andaz wins, hands down, in this aspect. Rooms here are stylish with charcoal-colored bathrooms with large and gorgeous circular backlit mirrors, stand-alone charcoal dark brown sinks, and they offer a large stand-alone bath.

Grand Hyatt has 636 nice but rather generic Hyatt-style rooms, suites, and lovely villas with private pools. The Hyatt Regency rooms are also excellent, but not a patch on the stylish rooms offered at the Andaz.

5. Pools

Highlights of the Andaz Bali are the lush tropical grounds, the infinity beachfront pool, the freeform pool that plays host to islands filled with luminous green plants, as well as guests and the shallow kid’s pool.

The Hyatt Regency has a lovely beachfront with boxy pools surrounded by greenery. This is a really nice area of the hotel, but the pools are not as segregated as those at the Andaz.

The Grand Hyatt has a lovely, long, windy pool and lots of infinity ponds that reflect the sunrise. The resort enjoys stunning sunrises and has numerous pools. Some seem aimed at families, while others are more adult-orientated. One has a kid’s waterslide, which will attract your kids.

6. Dining

Being right next door to the beachfront and each other, Andaz Bali and Hyatt Regency Bali are two sister resorts that share amenities. You can charge restaurant meals at the Hyatt Regency Bali to your Andaz Bali room and vice versa. It’s as if you’re dining at the same resort. There are also plenty of local restaurants and bars nearby making these two hotels a great choice for dining.

Dining is a big differentiator between these hotels and the Grand Hyatt. Grand Hyatt Bali is in a resort area, which means there are no cheap eats. The Regency and Andaz are both within walking distance to cheaper local restaurants and cafes.

7. Club Lounge

The Hyatt Regency and the Grand Hyatt both have some of the best club lounges in Bali. The Andaz does not have a club lounge.

8. Families

The Grand Hyatt’s Villas with private pools are pretty special and ideal for families, but we like the Andaz setup with a separate kids pool, adult-only pool, and shared infinity pool, so the kids can be kids in the pools that they are allowed to play in.

Sanur Beach, which sits in front of the Hyatt Regency and Andaz, is calm and ideal for children. The rougher waves at the Grand Hyatt make it less suitable for families.

9. Price

Prices at the Grand Hyatt Bali usually start around $150 per night.
Prices at the Hyatt Regency Bali usually start at just under $200 per night.
Prices at the Andaz Bali usually start at just under $300 per night.

10. Conclusion

You get what you pay for, as the Andaz Bali is the best hotel when compared with the Hyatt Regency and the Grand Hyatt. We love the live music at breakfast and the stylish, spacious rooms with balconies.

Is it worth the extra cost over the other two resorts? This really depends on your budget. All three are excellent luxury hotels at extraordinarily low prices when compared to similar properties in the United States or Europe.

If I were traveling with a family, I would pick the Hyatt Regency or the Andaz over the Grand Hyatt, as they both offer a calmer beach for the kids to play on.

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