Park Hyatt Vs. Andaz. Which Hotel Is Best?


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Which hotel brand is best, Park Hyatt or Andaz? Certain cities and resorts house both a Park Hyatt and an Andaz hotel. These locations include Vienna, New York, Tokyo and Seoul.

We have already compared the Park Hyatt Vs. Andaz in Seoul. London has a Hyatt Regency and an Andaz, with a new Park Hyatt opening in 2024. We outline your best option in each destination below.

Park Hyatt hotels tend to be more luxurious, with larger rooms than Andaz hotels. Neither usually have a club lounge. Andaz hotels tend to have fun and youthful communal areas, rooms, and a joyous vibe, but they are not as luxurious as Park Hyatt hotels.

We have outlined the best Park Hyatt hotels and best Andaz hotels in case you want to delve further into each hotel brand.

We have also reviewed the best Grand Hyatt hotels, the best Hyatt Regency hotels and the best Hyatt Centric hotels. Hyatt hotel brands also include Hyatt Place, Hyatt House, Hyatt Zilara & Ziva, Hyatt Residence Club, Hyatt Centric, Alila, Miraval, Caption by Hyatt and the Unbound Collection by Hyatt.

1. Loyalty

Both Park Hyatt and Andaz are part of the World of Hyatt loyalty program, which offers guests the ability to collect points or credits to earn and redeem free nights. By joining, you get selected status benefits if you do a lot of stays.

It’s worth mentioning that these benefits are nowhere near as good as the benefits you get by booking via luxury travel concierge. If you book with our concierge team, you will also get all your usual World of Hyatt points during your stay.

Our “Hyatt Prve” travel agency partnership with Park Hyatt, Hyatt, and Andaz hotels means you will also get brilliant free benefits, usually including breakfast for two, prioritized room upgrades (subject to availability), hotel credit, and more if you book with one of our team. Our deals are almost always better than booking directly on the hotel website for both brands.

2. Style

Park Hyatt offers a very high-end finish. In fact, of all the major branded hotel chains (excluding Four Seasons), we think Park Hyatt hotels offer the most luxurious setting.

Take the Park Hyatt Zurich that we reviewed last year. This hotel offers swathes of black marble throughout the double-level foyer, a beautiful lobby lounge with a sophisticated clientele, with a large fireplace and art spattered around. The rooms are large, with lovely bathrooms that open up to the bedroom, and everything is immaculate.

In Zurich, there is only a Park Hyatt, and there is no Andaz or other Hyatt, so it’s easy to select the Park Hyatt as the top choice. There is a Rosewood if you want to branch out.

In London, there is a brand new Park Hyatt opening in 2024. This will be a stunning property, but it is not well located for tourists. Both the Park Hyatt and the Andaz in London offer a very modern style, and the Andaz has the classic iPad checking, which is a Marmite love-or-hate experience.

Some Park Hyatt hotels are set in historic buildings and embrace the setting, highlighting original features such as the Park Hyatt Vienna and the Park Hyatt Paris. We reviewed the Park Hyatt Vienna, which is set in a tasteful conversion of the headquarters of an Austrian Hungarian Monarchy Bank, right in the heart of The Golden Quarter.

This conversion retains many features of the 100-year-old Neo-classical building, including marble staircases polished by the leather of countless bank clerks’ scurrying brogues.

The layout of the offices determined the shape and size of the guest rooms and suites, and here, there were some very important customers, so the proportions are generous.

When compared to the Andaz Vienna, the Park Hyatt is better located and more beautifully finished. The Andaz is a modern hotel with great views and a great terrace, but the rooms are more generic and have no original features as the Andaz building is modern.

In Tokyo, the Park Hyatt is iconic with excellent service.
It also teats top-tier World of Hyatt Globalists very well with a happy hour and spa access.

In Tokyo, the standard rooms at the Andaz are extremely nice and the view at the Andaz is much better than that from the small windows at the Park Hyatt.

All Andaz hotels tend to have smaller, more generic rooms than park Hyatts, although they remain modern and are usually quite funky, so Andaz options should not be discounted. For true luxury style, pick the Park Hyatt.

3. Location

In London, there is a brand new Park Hyatt opening in 2024. This will be a stunning property, but it is not well located for tourists. It can be found at the Vauxhall tube stop and is a long walk from the main attractions like Buckingham Palace, Oxford Street shopping, Park Lane, and Regents Park.

The location of the Park Hyatt is South of the River Thames, which is unusual, and the center and most great hotels are North of the river. The Hyatt Regency Churchill is located behind Selfridges and just steps from Oxford Street and Hyde Park. It has a great location.

The Andaz is located at Liverpool Street station. It is part of the station which is in the City but also a heck of a walk or a tube rude from the tourist areas of London so for location alone, the only winner is the Hyatt Regency, although both the Andaz and the Hyatt Regency are located on or near the Monopoly board with the Park Hyatt in Vauxhall miles away.

As a general rule, Park Hyatt hotels tend to be better located than Andaz hotels. In Vienna, the Park Hyatt is right in the center of the old town, whereas the Andaz Vienna is lovely but further out.

In New York, the Park Hyatt is located on the edge of Central Park, and the Andaz is less well located in midtown Manhattan, so they are both located in great spots. The Andaz is near Times Square, the Empire State Building, Rockefeller Center, Bryant Park, and Grand Central Station. Everything is within walking distance.

However, the location does vary, with the Park Hyatt Seoul badly located for tourists but much better located for business, and the Andaz being better located for most leisure visitors.

Andaz Gangnam Seoul is conveniently located in the heart of Gangnam, with direct access to the Apgujeong metro station in Seoul. Just a short stroll from affluent Cheongdam and Apgujeong neighborhoods, you can explore Korean Chic with luxury fashion and beauty, art museums, and culinary delights.

The locations of Andaz and Park Hyatt hotels can be brilliant. The Andaz Prague couldn’t be better located in Old Town. The Andaz Wailea is brilliantly located on the beach in Maui, but this aspect is very property-dependent.

4. Size

Park Hyatt hotels tend to be smaller than Andaz hotels, although neither are particularly large.

5. Rooms

Rooms at Park Hyatt hotels tend to be larger than those at Andaz hotels. Taking London as an example, the base rooms at the Andaz London< start at 279 ft². At the newly opened Park Hyatt London, the rooms are more generous. Another interesting Park Hyatt can be found in New York. This is another new property and is based in one of the skinny new skyscrapers overlooking Central Park. There is very little communal space at this Park Hyatt, with a very small bar and restaurant, unlike the InterContinental, The St. Regis, or the Waldorf Astoria, which have much larger communal space. The rooms at Park Hyatt, New York, are between 500 and 620 ft². They are large and stunning. Park Hyatt branded hotels all seem to offer oversized bathrooms, much like Four Seasons hotels. At the Andaz, Deluxe King City View Rooms are 416–449 ft². If room size is important to you in any city, Park Hyatt hotels almost always have larger rooms and bathrooms. The advantage of Andaz rooms is that they usually include a free minibar, which usually comes with soft drinks and snacks.

6. Pool & Gym

Whether there is a pool and gym is very property dependent, but as a general rule, Andaz hotels do not tend to have pools but usually have gyms, and Park Hyatt hotels often have both.

The Park Hyatt New York has a gorgeous swimming pool (pictured above), jacuzzi, and sauna on the 25th floor on the opposite side of the building to Central Park. This is reason enough to pick the Park Hyatt in New York over the Andaz. The Andaz New York doesn’t have a pool.

The Park Hyatt Vienna has a deliciously warm swimming pool situated under the barrel ceiling of the old bank vault. The Andaz Vienna doesn’t have a pool, nor does the Andaz Prague, although they usually have fitness centers.

Park Hyatt Seoul has a stylish indoor pool on the 23rd floor with floor-to-ceiling windows. It is a super pool. The Andaz Seoul also has a lovely pool, so this is not a differentiator in Seoul.

7. Ski

The best Hyatt ski hotels are at Park Hyatt hotels, including Park Hyatt Beaver Creek Resort which is a gorgeous ski hotel. I can’t think of any Andaz ski hotels.

8. Club Lounge

Most Park Hyatt hotels and Andaz hotels don’t have club lounges. For a club lounge, you have to pick a Hyatt Regency, such as the Churchill in London or a Grand Hyatt.

9. Family Facilities

Neither Park Hyatt nor Andaz are desperately family-friendly. Because Park Hyatt hotels have larger rooms and tend to have pools, they are probably your top choice for families.

10. Price

Park Hyatt hotels tend to be some of the most expensive hotels in a city, but with a Park Hyatt, you tend to get what you pay for with large rooms, a higher level of luxury, and often very unique surroundings. We have reviewed the cheapest Park Hyatt hotels and the cheapest Andaz hotels.

Andaz hotels tend to be significantly cheaper than Park Hyatt hotels.

11. Conclusion

While both are 5-star, Park Hyatt hotels are almost always more luxurious than Andaz hotels and tend to have more facilities. Park Hyatt hotels also tend to be more expensive, so the choice between these two brands tends to be dictated by your budget.

It is worth mentioning that if there is also a Centric in the area, this will not compare to the Andaz or the Park Hyatt for luxury. The Centric is very much a budget option.

Image courtesy of Park Hyatt New York.

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