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10 Ways To Book A Four Seasons Hotel With A Discount


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Spoiler, to get the best deal at Four Seasons hotels, book via our luxury travel concierge.

Four Seasons hotels and resorts have increased in price quite dramatically since COVID-19 struck. It seems demand is even stronger now, and these hotels are so popular that they often sell out in the high season, which means that they don’t need to discount their rooms.

Outside of the high season, it is possible to get discounts, and these discounts can be found on the Four Seasons website within each hotel’s mini-site under “offers.” Deals that you tend to see on these special offer pages include four nights for the price of three type of deals, resort credit deals, stay longer deals, and advance purchase deals (often as much as 20% off). It is worth noting at this point that Four Seasons doesn’t tend to offer last-minute deals. Prices almost always go up as you get closer to your stay date.

If you book via our concierge, our prices are identical to the offers on the Four Seasons website, but when you book with us, you’ll also benefit from our complimentary benefits, added in for free.

We aren’t cheaper than, we are the same price, but the free perks we offer are massively valuable. You won’t get these free perks if you book your stay on direct.

Crucially, by booking via our concierge, you will be put at the front of the queue for room upgrades, which means that you will be prioritized for your room upgrade in front of any other supplier. This is because our concierge is an official Four Seasons Preferred Partner.

Why Four Seasons?

The reputation of the Four Seasons as a brand means that they will continue to charge expensive room rates as their rooms are reliably excellent. Wherever you are in the world, Four Seasons hotels are consistently one of the best in that city or resort. Most Four Seasons hotel room rates start at $500 – $1000 USD per night, and because there isn’t a Four Seasons loyalty program, you will never be able to book a free stay by racking up and redeeming points, or by collecting points on your credit card and spending them on a Four Seasons hotel stay. It can’t be done.

But don’t panic. Even wealthy travelers want a great deal, and we share ten tips that will help you squeeze the most value out of your next Four Seasons hotel stay and get you the discount that you are looking for.

1. Four Seasons Discounts And Extra Benefits

As outlined above, you can take advantage of free loyalty style benefits from your very first stay at Four Seasons hotels and resorts by merely booking with a our concierge. It really is that easy, and the rates you pay will be the same as those on the Four Seasons website.

And Four Seasons is not alone in this luxury offering. Most luxury hotels have hidden travel agent loyalty programs that give you free benefits if you book with the right “Virtuoso” or hotel partner agent. We have outlined the best luxury hotel loyalty programs which give you upgrades and free breakfast in case you are looking at any other luxury hotel chains for your next stay and want a discount or loyalty style VIP benefits.

2. Book Early

The Four Seasons hotels in Hawaii run at a particularly high occupancy rate as there is never a bad time to go to Hawaii. I regularly recommend clients who book their stay with our concierge to book as soon as the rates come out. It is simply not worth holding out for a last-minute discount as these magical discounts don’t exist.

In Hawaiian hotels, as you get closer and closer to the dates that you are planning to stay, the rooms start to sell out, often starting from the bottom room up. So the cheapest mountain view rooms go, then the garden view rooms, and so forth. Of course, the oceanfront rooms are also in high demand, particularly for wedding guests and for those on their honeymoon, as well as families looking for an incredible trip. Who wouldn’t want to fall asleep to the sound of the waves?

So the cheapest rooms and the best rooms tend to sell out. At the last minute, you are unlikely to be able to book the cheapest room. The room you wanted may have sold out, so you can be left paying a premium for a view you aren’t bothered about. You may be left with no choice at all and be forced to book a mid-range room that’s more expensive than you intended, like the partial ocean view.

So the key to booking a Four Seasons hotel, an absolute must, is to book as soon as you can so you can secure the room that you actually want while paying the cheapest possible rate for your room. Booking in advance will not always get you a discount, but it will stop you from paying over the odds, as you will be able to book into the room that you want.

3. Book Discounted Advance Purchase Rates

If you are booking in advance and are very sure of your dates, you can take advantage of advance purchase discounted rates. This is one of the few ways to get you a cheaper room. You must be sure of your dates because once you have booked in, there are no refunds on advance purchase rates, so if you can’t make your stay, you won’t get your money back!

Most Four Seasons advance purchase rates offer anywhere from 10-30% discount off the usual hotel room rates. An alternative discount offered at some hotels is three nights for the price of two or the four nights for the price of three discount. Both of these discounts tend to be available outside the high season and can save you a considerable amount of money.

4. Change Your Holiday Dates

You can even re-arrange your dates and plan to specifically target certain Four Seasons hotels when they are the cheapest and are offering the best discounts. You can arrange your plans around specific dates that you know your favorite Four Seasons hotel is cheaper. One of the most expensive Four Seasons hotels in the world is also one of the cheapest just before it closes for the winter and just before it opens in the summer.

The hotel in question is the Grand Hotel Du Cap Ferrat. We have already detailed how to book a Four Seasons hotel at the cheapest rate and at the Grand Hotel Du Cap Ferrat, the discounted low season rate is perhaps discounted by as much as 70 or 80% from their high season rate. The dates you need to be looking at for the biggest discount are the end of March, the start of April and the end of October, and the start of November. Granted, it might rain, and there might be a chilly wind, but the hotel bar, restaurant, room, etc., all remain the same at this stunning property. In my opinion, this is one of the best bargains at any Four Seasons hotel, as this hotel is simply stunning.

In Hawaii, you should avoid the main holiday dates to get a good offer, and at the Four Seasons Hampshire, Sunday nights are usually the cheapest, and this Sunday discount is worth looking out for. Take Monday off work and grab yourself a bargain!

Are you planning to go to the Caribbean and Whistler in the Winter and Florence and Milan and Florence in the Summer? No! Go to Whistler and the Caribbean in the Summer and Milan and Florence in the Winter! Get the same hotel and facilities for a discounted price. Think beyond the resort to the hotel. You can still swim in the pool, drink in the bar, eat in the restaurant, and enjoy the ambiance whenever you go. If you must ski, go to Whistler in the shoulder seasons in mid-December and April rather than when the snow is deep in January, February, and March.

Although many Four Seasons hotels may not discount rooms when you want to go, during the most unpopular months, individual hotels can discount rooms enough to merit a change of your plans. Visit at an unusual time, and take advantage of that discount.

Check out the unique special offers pages for each hotel on the Four Seasons website. Each individual hotel has a separate page that offers their discounts and the dates that the discounts are relevant so that you can time your holiday accordingly. Here are just some of them:

And In Hawaii:

The perks that you get by booking with our concierge can also be combined with these Four Seasons deals.

5. Look Out For New Properties

Brilliant new Four Seasons are opening all the time. The new Four Seasons in Napa is an incredible property and offers a great soft opening discount. Four Seasons Los Cabos is another one we are super excited about, and we expect this to be one of the best Four Seasons resort openings of the year when it opens in 2020. Expect opening discounts to encourage you to book here. Four Seasons Montreal is another super Four Seasons that has just opened and is offering a discounted opening deal.

Four Seasons Astir Palace Hotel Athens and Four Seasons Hotel Bengaluru At Embassy One have also just opened and are currently offering nice discounted deals. Four Seasons Hotel One Dalton Street, Boston, Four Seasons Hotel Philadelphia At Comcast Center, Four Seasons Hotel Madrid, and Four Seasons Hotel Bangkok At Chao Phraya River are all set to open shortly and should be on your bucket list if you are looking for the best discounts at some of the best Four Seasons in the world.

6. Stay Shorter

It sounds obvious when you say it out loud, but I would prefer three nights at an expensive Four Seasons rather than a week at a bog-standard resort. Do one night in Paris and take advantage of our early check-in / late check-out rather than spending two nights somewhere less exciting.

7. Pick The Cheapest Properties

It doesn’t matter how luxury the Four Seasons brand is. Some parts of the world are simply cheaper than others. The Four Seasons Casablanca or Marrakech in Morocco will always be cheaper than the Four Seasons Geneva in Switzerland, whatever time of year you decide to visit. The cost of land and staff is not comparable between these two countries, so you can get a stay of the same caliber of Four Seasons hotel cheaper by choosing a Four Seasons hotel in a less expensive country. We have outlined the cheapest Four Seasons hotels in the world to help you choose where to stay. This is not a discount; this is simply using common sense to book your vacation in a cheaper area of the world.

Even within America, some Four Seasons are cheaper than others, and some are seasonal while others aren’t. Book for New Year’s Eve at the Four Seasons New York Downtown and the price will be ridiculous. Travel a few days later, and the rates will be much cheaper.

Locations of Four Seasons hotels in the Americas include Atlanta, Austin, Baltimore, Buenos Aires Carmelo, Uruguay, Chicago, Costa Rica, Dallas at Las Colinas, Denver, Hawaiʻi (Hualalai), Hawaiʻi (Lānaʻi at Mānele Bay), Hawaiʻi (Lānaʻi, Lodge at Kōʻele), Hawaiʻi (Maui), Houston Los Angeles (Beverly Wilshire), Miami, New York, Philadelphia, San Francisco, Toronto, Vancouver, Washington D.C. Canadian Four Seasons hotels include Four Seasons Whistler for ski, Vancouver, and Toronto.

Two pretty cheap American hotels include Four Seasons Resort Scottsdale at Troon North with dreamy views of the high Sonoran Desert, an award-winning Spa, priority golf privileges at Troon North, tennis, hiking, and horseback riding. Rates here are discounted if you book in the summer, from around $349 USD per night.

8. Use Corporate Promo Codes

There are special corporate promo discount codes, so if you are an employee of a company like Goldman Sachs, Bank Of America, IBM, or the government, you might be able to take advantage of these discounts, but these codes are not widely available to the general public. In addition, the discount may not be as good as the free benefits offered by our concierge. We suggest asking for a free quote so you can compare prices and benefits and get the full picture before booking.

9. Don’t Book With Your Credit Card Travel Agency

Do you want to be at the front of the queue for your free room upgrade? Book your Four Seasons stay via our concierge, and we will put you first in line for your free upgrade. You will be placed in front of guests who book via booking services like American Express Finest Hotels & Resorts.

Book via our concierge and your upgrade will be prioritized over any other agency bookings, including Four Seasons direct bookings and credit card agency bookings. This is because our travel agency is an official partner of Four Seasons hotels, so room upgrades for clients that we book into Four Seasons hotels are put at the front of the queue!

You can use any credit card as payment when you book with our concierge, so you still get your usual loyalty points and rewards from your credit card when you book with us.

10. Take Expert Advice

We’re here to help. Our concierge team will share their travel knowledge of when and where to go to take advantage of the best Four Seasons offers and discounts.

Note: Benefits & upgrades subject to availability. Benefits offered correct at the time of writing. Terms & conditions apply. Enquire for more information. Benefits offered correct at the time of writing but may be amended at discretion of the vendor. Posts may be sponsored by the proprietor or brand being appraised. All opinions remain our own & are in no way influenced.