Is There A Silversea Rewards Program?


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I am often asked if there is a Silversea rewards program that gives points for loyalty, much like you can take advantage of at Marriott Bonvoy hotels, SPG, Hyatt, IHG, Hilton, and so forth. My answer is yes, they do have a loyalty rewards program called The Venetian Society, which you can take advantage of even when you book the best Silversea cruise deals.

1. Join The Rewards Program

Join the Silversea rewards loyalty program, which will get you a great discount and free benefits on your cruising on Silversea ships. To join, you need to initially complete your first Silversea voyage to become part of an exclusive circle of friends.

The Venetian Society offers onboard recognition and private parties, with membership privileges and milestone rewards gained on every sailing. This could include onboard recognition and invitations to private events, ship visitation privileges, and an additional 5% off on select sailings.

The more you sail, the more you receive:

  • 100 days: 5% savings on future sailings
  • 250 days: 10% savings on future sailings
  • 350 days: complimentary 7-day voyage
  • 500 days: complimentary 14-day voyage
  • 500-day milestone, a complimentary 7-day voyage for every 150 days sailed

All of the above milestones include complimentary laundry service (excludes dry cleaning and “press only”).

2. Book With A Luxury Travel Agent For Extra Benefits

You can take advantage of free loyalty style benefits from your second cruise on Silversea, but if you want to take advantage of these benefits from your very first cruise, simply book your cruise with our luxury travel concierge. It really is that easy, and the rates you pay will be the same as those on the Silversea website. We also have access to exclusive sales and offers that you may otherwise not know about.

So whether you are cruising with Silversea for your first or fiftieth, we can get you extra benefits and perks if you book via our concierge. You will also get your Silversea Venetian Society benefits, so we are, in effect, doubling up your benefits.

Silversea is not alone in this luxury offering. Most luxury hotels and luxury cruises have hidden travel agent loyalty programs that give you free benefits if you book with the right “Virtuoso” partner travel agent. I have outlined the best luxury hotel loyalty programs that give you upgrades and free breakfast in case you are looking at any other luxury hotel chains for your next stay and want a discount or loyalty style VIP benefits.

3. Refer A Friend

Silversea has a refer-a-friend program called Friends of The Society® Programme, which is another way to increase your onboard credit. When your new-to-Silversea friends sail with you, as a sponsoring Venetian Society member, you will receive:

$250 USD Shipboard Credit – Available on designated Venetian Society voyages
Double Cruise Days – Available on any Silversea sailing. As an example, if you and your friends sail together on a 15-day voyage, you will accrue a total of 30 Cruise Days.

Friends who sail with you on a designated Venetian Society voyage will enjoy the same 5% Venetian Society savings that are available to you, as well as any applicable Silver Savings. This benefit is limited to a maximum of four friends in two additional suites.

4. Why Silversea Cruises?

Silversea Cruises consistently wins cruise liner awards for offering some of the best luxury cruises in the world. They also get a 5-star Berlitz rating. Why are they so good? Spacious cabins, fine dining, and a high level of staff-to-guest ratios help. There is almost one crew member for each guest!

Their smaller ships mean that Silversea Cruises can access smaller, more unique ports, such as Portofino on the Italian coast. All-suite accommodation means that there are no bad rooms. Food-wise, Silversea Cruises offers fine wines, champagne, liquor, cocktails, and gourmet dining, all included in the price (as well as tips on board). Being smaller, Silversea Cruises ships are more intimate than many of the more mainstream cruise brands. The trips they offer are expeditions rather than standard sightseeing tours.

All-inclusive sailings include the Mediterranean, Asia, and Africa. Add a stay at a luxury hotel or a luxury safari to your trip to tailor-make yours just for you. Flights, transfers, and shore excursions are also included. Onboard all Silversea cruise ships, there’s sophisticated entertainment with live music, enrichment teachers, acclaimed chefs, and destination consultants.

5. How Do I Get Reward Benefits On Hotel Stays?

If you are staying at a hotel before or after your cruise, there are additional ways to take advantage of loyalty style benefits, much like those that you would be gifted if you were the top tier of one of the big chain loyalty programs. Get in touch with our luxury travel concierge to see how you can obtain these benefits for your next hotel booking.

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