5 Reasons To Ditch The Long-Haul Flights


There is romance and excitement in flying long-haul. Who doesn’t like the thought of being a million miles from home and escaping from day-to-day- drudgery of life? But long journeys, unfamiliar food and changing time zones are stressful to humans, be it our psyche or our physical health. To stay healthy, your body will thank you if you choose to fly short-haul instead.

Here are 5 brilliant reasons to ditch long-haul flights and choose to fly to destinations just a few hours away. If these ideas don’t convince you, then here are 10 tips to upgrade your next long-haul flight to Business for free to help you improve your in-flight experience on your next trip.

No jet lag

Changing time zones is a sure-fire way to unbalance our natural bio-rhythms. Although your vacation should help you to rest and relax, this is nearly impossible if your time-clock has been messed around with, making you constantly tired.

It’s Easier To Fly Free

I often talk about my European Business Class flights on British Airways. I fly around Europe (around 30 flights a year) in Business Class on air miles, as the mile-cost of these short flights is massively less than the mile cost flying long-haul. Equally, if you are US based, internal Coach or First flights cost far fewer miles than long-haul, so it is easier to collect enough miles to fly about for free.

Cheaper flight costs

If you are not booking on miles and are paying for your flights, short-haul flights are almost always cheaper than long-haul, simply because you are flying less far.

More Spare Cash To Spend On Your Hotel

As a consequence of spending less on flights, you will have more spare cash to spend on your hotel. If you want to book a luxury hotel, our travel concierge will get you free breakfasts, room upgrades and more, so do drop us a line.

You Will Feel Better When You Get Home

I used to fly from London to Hawaii in Coach for my “big” vacation every year. This meant I flew around 11 hours from London to Vancouver, then another 7 hours to Hawaii. The total travel time, including airport waiting time, was around 24 hours. As a result, it took me about a week to fully acclimatise to the Hawaiian time zone and then another week to acclimatise when I returned to London (I do not do jet lag well!). This was 2 weeks of feeling awful. As a result, my vacation did not recharge me at all! If I had just travelled to Southern Europe or further away, to Dubai or the Caribbean, I would not have suffered from the post-trip jet lag blues.

Of course, there are just as many reasons to ditch short-haul and fly far away. I am staying local in 2018 but 2019… who knows…

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