10 Tips To Get A Flight Upgrade Without Paying For It!


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When I first started to fly long-haul, I used to peer through the front curtain in envy of those rich enough to score a seat in Business or First Class. I even, rather tragically, tried to get one of those elusive free upgrades at the airport. I asked about free upgrades at check-in and dressed nicely. But this never worked. Now, after years of research, I have acquired an encyclopedic knowledge about how to upgrade my flight and save enough miles to book a free flight, and voila, I now fly in Business. Just like that. I share tips on how I do this below:

Break Your Seat

I am not condoning violence or vandalism, but a broken seat is one of the few ways to get a flight upgrade without paying for it! You can read more in my article about this flight upgrade technique. The crux of this opportunity is that if your seat is broken and if the only seat that is not broken and available on that flight is in Business, you should be upgraded. Of course, the likelihood of your seat being broken and your flight being fully booked in Economy but not in Business Class, well, I’d love to know the odds!

Get Bumped Off Your Plane

If your plane is overbooked, you might get bumped off the flight. This is a pain in the bum, for sure, but it can also be a lucrative way to earn big cash or airline credit, which you can then spend on a more luxurious cabin and seat. This woman was bumped off a United flight and was offered $10,000 USD in compensation. This would go nicely towards a couple of Business Class tickets, so don’t be ashamed to take the airline up when they start offering compensation to take a later flight.

Careful Airline Choice

Did you know that not all Business Class is the same? Taking transatlantic travel as an example, American Airlines Business Class seats usually have direct aisle access. British Airways doesn’t. It is, therefore, worth choosing American Airlines instead of British Airways on these routes for a similar air-mile cost.

Equally, when flying to Hawaii, only some airlines offer flatbed seats, others just recline. You can find out the best airline to fly to Hawaii in Business Class. Hint: We had a great experience on Hawaiian. Crucially, do your research and spend your miles wisely.

A Robot Lawyer!

Robot lawyer website DoNotPay (known for getting thousands of people out of parking tickets) claims to be the first-ever service to reduce the price of your flight after you have booked. DoNotPay finds travel confirmations from past bookings in your inbox. If the price drops, their robot lawyer will find a legal loophole to negotiate a cheaper price or rebook you. Best of all, the service is free, at least for now. This robot will, apparently, find you the cheapest seat on the plane!

Unusual Routings

Business and First class tickets can vary significantly depending on which country the flight originates. You can find some incredible fares that involve traveling via hubs you might not have thought of in order to snag Business Class tickets on the cheap. As an example, someone wanting to fly from London to New York and return on British Airways Club World might find tickets up to 50% cheaper if they start their journey from another European city such as Amsterdam, Paris, Norway, or Istanbul. Ask our flight experts for advice on the best cheap routings.

Keep an Eye On BOGOs For Flash Sales

Join the airline’s loyalty scheme so that you get mailed any offers and sales. Also, bookmark our news channel to keep up-to-date on the latest interesting travel deals and promotions. Flipboard and Apple News are also great platforms that will keep you updated with the latest travel offers and deals.

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