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A Secret Trick That WILL Get You A Free Upgrade To First Class


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Do you live with the unfulfilled dream of travelling in First Class because your budgets simply won’t stretch that far…

Well, travel expert Rick Brown, author of the book ‘Kiss My Baggage Fees! How To Be A Savvy Travel Hacker’, is coming to your rescue! He has revealed a little-known rule which could get you into one of those elusive First Class seats.

Beyond doing the basics to score an upgrade which are:

  • Dress Smart
  • Arriving very early or late
  • Sitting near a baby
  • Break an arm or a leg
  • Travel alone

His tip is that if your seat is in some way faulty or broken (this includes the seatbelt), then you’re allowed to ask for a new one. “If one is not available in Economy, they have to put you in First.”

If you are unlucky, there will be another fully functioning seat in Economy and you will remain in Economy, but if you are lucky…

The moral of this story is that if your seat has any damage on it whatsoever, complain!

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