10 Tips On How To Get A Free Flight Upgrade In 2018


Here are 10 essential tips on how to get a free flight upgrade from Economy to Business Class on your flights in 2018.

Get Your Timing Right

Your flight may only have one or two upgrades available so make sure you’re one of the first in line. Arrive at the airport well in advance of your flight or just before the flight leaves. Being either the first or last to checkin gives you the best chance of an upgrade.

Sign up for the airline’s loyalty program

Competition among airlines is tough and airline companies are fighting for each customer. When booking my tickets, I make sure to enrol in the loyalty program if I haven’t already done so. After filling out a quick online form, you should receive a traveller membership number by email. Make sure you enter this number anytime you fly with this airline or one of its partners.

Dress Nice

Don’t just hope for the First Class, look the part too! Airline companies work hard to build their first-class image so avoid flip-flops and sweatpants when you check-in. Wear a comfy, yet smart-looking outfit.

A full flight might be your best ally

Airlines don’t give away upgrades for no reason. Usually, they do so to please a very important or loyal passenger or because the flight is full or overbooked. If, like myself, you are not a regular elite traveller, look for full flights to increase your chances.

Avoid Business Travel Routes

Usually, Business Travellers are all members of an elite program. Fly when there are fewer Business Travellers such as mid-days, weekends or holidays.


Sometimes, a smile and a friendly attitude go a long way! Simply ask the agent to be considered if upgrades are being granted for your flight. Never forget the important “please” and “thank you” topped with a genuine smile!

Book during sales

Even if you carry out all the tips above, there is no guarantee that you will get your upgrade. If you want to guarantee a Business or First Class seat, look out for offers. By signing up to airline mailing lists, you can take advantage of offers when they happen.

Offer money

I am not talking about bribery here, simply ask if there are any Business or First Class seats available on the flight that you might be able to pay a small fee to upgrade to.

Book through loyalty points

This will guarantee you a “free” upgrade. Simply collect enough points via supermarket shopping and airline credit cards to “buy” a Business Class Ticket.

If All Else Fails, Use A Business & First Class Specialist

If all else fails, pay for the flights in Business Class but get a discount by using flight specialist who will quote you cheaper for worldwide flights in a First or Business class.

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