British Airways European Business Class Flight Reviews


In this trip report, I include all my British Airways European Business Class or “Club Europe” flight reviews. If you travel around Europe on British Airways, their European Business Class is the highest level of luxury they offer on these short-haul flights.

For those who do not regularly travel in Club Europe, the seats on offer are currently the same as those in Economy. However, the Economy seats are 3×3 across the plane, the Business Class seats atend to be 2×2 on most short-haul planes, as British Airways have wedged a small into the middle seat which gives you room to breathe, plenty of elbow room as well as an alternate platform to sit your drinks. The pitch or leg room remains pretty cramped on these planes but for 2 hours, it is not unbearable.

You also get a hot towel, a drink (or as many drinks as you like including alcohol) and a choice of meals as well as less stressed more attentive air stewards.

For me, the reason to fly Club Europe is to get access to the British Airways airport lounges which are very good when flying out of London Heathrow and London Gatwick. Out of Heathrow you get access to the Heathrow Galleries Club South Lounge or the Galleries Club North. Out of Gatwick you get access to the British Airways Business Lounge. All three lounges are excellent and are used by travellers flying Club Europe and Club World. For me, the use of these lounges makes it worth flying Club Europe on outbound flights from London.

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Below you will find my most recent flight reviews of British Airways European Business Class, you can draw your own conclusions.


Evening Flight Review: British Airways A319 Club Europe Business Class

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There is something very disorientating about flying late at night in the dark. You look out of the window and into blackness, with no idea where you are, particularly if you are on a British Airways flight without drop-down screens… Read More.

Flight Review: British Airways A320 European Business Class From Gatwick

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I regularly fly on British Airways out of London Heathrow to Nice, just have a read of my European British Airways Flight Reviews to find out what the Heathrow route is like, but today I flew from Gatwick. Read More.

Horray! British Airways Afternoon Tea Scones Are Back!

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I love a British Airways afternoon tea. Even when it’s not the greatest in flavor, it fills my stomach and passes the time on the flight. Well, my dear traveler, British Airways scones are officially back! Read More.

Flight Review: British Airways Business Class London Heathrow To Geneva

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Yesterday, I flew from London to Geneva on a short-haul British Airways Airbus A319 in Business Class or Club Europe. I promised to review and feedback from my latest Club Europe flight regarding the afternoon tea scones situation. Read More.

Flight Review: British Airways B767 Business Class Nice To London Heathrow

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In this trip report, I review British Airways B767 in Business Class, Nice to London Heathrow. Usually, when we fly between Nice and London, be it on the Gatwick or the Heathrow route, we fly in British Airways Business Class… Read More.

Flight Review: British Airways A231 Business Class Flight London Heathrow To Nice

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Having reviewed my usual afternoon flight on the British Airways A231 from London Heathrow to Nice in Business Class on a previous occasion, I will keep this review short and sweet. The seat and the plane has not changed, although… Read More.

Flight Review: British Airways European Business Class

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In this trip report, I review my flight on British Airways in European Business Class from London Heathrow (LHR) to Nice Airport in France. I am very, very happy to report some good news. Read More.

Flight Review: Club Europe Short Haul On British Airways

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In this trip report, I review short-haul Club Europe or Business Class on my flight within Europe on an Airbus A320 from London Heathrow to Nice. British Airways offers a fairly consistent Business Class offering throughout Europe which means that… Read More.

Best Club Europe Seats On British Airways A320

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From my experience, Club Europe or Business Class seats on European flights on the British Airways Airbus A319, A320 & A321 are the same in layout (as shown by the pictures below), with the best seats being the front seats… Read More.

Is British Airways Club Europe worth it?

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I like to book Club Europe tickets on British Airways on my outward leg of flights out of London Heathrow. For my family, this is worth the expense, particularly if I buy the ticket on Avios miles, but less so… Read More.

I have also reviewed a number of my British Airways First Class flights and my British Airways Business Class flights. British Airways also features in our 5 best airlines to fly to Europe in Business Class.

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