British Airways Economy Vs Premium Economy

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When flying on British Airways or BA, is it worth paying to upgrade to Premium Economy from Economy seats on long-haul flights?

Economy Vs Premium Economy: Price

If the price is your biggest factor when making the decision on which class to fly in, you should probably choose to fly Economy. After all, the entire plane will get to its destination, whichever class you are sitting in.

Having said that, particularly for overnight flights, being stuffed in a sardine-tin, with little space to move and next-to-no recline, means that sleep is difficult. Certainly, when I have flown in Economy, I find, if I do manage to nod off, the fact that my head then droops to one side because of the lack of seat recline, means that I almost always wake myself up.

The result is that you can feel pretty grotty after an Economy flight when you get to your destination. This means that you are potentially ruining the first day of your trip, because you have not spent the extra on upgrading your flight.

So even if price IS your biggest factor, Premium Economy can mean that you avoid wasting a day of your holiday which may ultimately be worth more than the price difference.

Economy Vs Premium Economy: Check-in

There is not a dedicated British Airways Premium Economy check-in.

Economy Vs Premium Economy: Baggage

You get 2 hold suitcases when travelling in Premium Economy which is a big bonus.

Economy Vs Premium Economy: Lounges

When flying in Premium Economy you do not get access to any British Airways lounges but if you are flying out of London Heathrow, you can use your Priority Pass or pay to access to the Aspire Lounge In Heathrow Terminal 5 or the Aspire Lounge in Terminal 3.

Economy Vs Premium Economy: Space

When flying in the Premium Economy seat, you get a wider seat with additional pitch. For me, the extra elbow room in the Premium Economy seats enables me to work more comfortably on my laptop.

The extra recline also enables me to sleep for a short period, a crucial reason to choose to fly Premium Economy.

Economy Vs Premium Economy: Food & Drink

Big bonus travelling on BA in Premium Economy is that you get ClubWorld standard meals (with fewer choices) served on proper crockery with a real napkin.

You also usually get a welcome drink and another round of drinks with the meal, along with tea and coffee during/after the meal.

Depending on the length of the flight, if it is overnight, you sometimes get breakfast served although I believe that this is the same as in Economy. On shorter flights, you just get a drink and a mars bar (or similar).

Just like dinner, the food is decent, but nothing spectacular.

Economy Vs Premium Economy: Conclusion

I would say that the British Airways Premium Economy is a good product and worth paying the extra if you can afford it. I have flown in Premium Economy and would not hesitate to fly it again.

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