Top 10 Best First Class Airline Amenity Kits & Pyjamas


A joy of traveling medium or long-haul in First Class is the airline amenity kits. In this article, I have picked out the top 10 best airline kits in First Class, which can be compared to my article outlining the best 10 First and Business Class airline amenity kits & pajamas . This article contains the 2017 amenity kits and is updated from my previous article. I hope that it might just help you decide which airline to pick on your next long-haul flight or which airline to remain loyal to.

Some major airlines now also offer their premium passengers designer in-flight sleeper suits or pajamas and slippers to ensure the ultimate comfort during overnight long-haul flights. Again, these may just help you decide which airline to fly on.

1. Emirates First Class Amenity Kits

Upper class amenity kits supplied on Emirates in First are packed with bespoke beauty goodies from one of my favorite scents; Bulgari. Each set features Bulgari’s woody floral fragrance – Eau Parfumée au thé noir. You get a nourishing face emulsion, body lotion & 5ml eau de cologne, plus deodorant, shaving kit (for men), handkerchiefs, comb, and toothbrush.

First Class kit bags are made from real leather and come in eight designs in charcoal grey for men and pale grey for women. You will also get the Emirates moisturising pyjamas when travelling in its first class cabins on overnight long-haul flights. The suits use a patented technology designed to keep skin hydrated during the flight.

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2. Qatar Airways First & Business Class Amenity Kits

The second-best amenity kits in the sky are currently the newly launched Qatar Airways kits for First and Business class passengers on medium- and long-haul flights. The bags have been created in partnership with luggage designer BRICS and Italian skincare brand Castello Monte Vibiano Vecchio. The first class women’s amenity bag is designed in the style of BRICS’s Bellagio series bags and feature full-grain leather inserts paired with a high-tech shell with Tuscan leather trim. The first class men’s Business Class amenity kits have been influenced by the brand’s Sintesis line of trolley bags. Both travel bags come in four colors: black and grey for men and white and burgundy for women.

Inside the bags, passengers can find products from Castello Monte Vibiano Vechio, including lip balm, hydrating facial mist, and anti-aging moisturizer in Business Class, with the added Night recovery cream in first class kits. Kits also include eye masks, earplugs, and socks, with luggage tags and a hairbrush in first class. Qatar has announced different amenity bags for the A380.

Qatar Airways has also launched Nappa Dori amenity kits for premium passengers traveling on flights within five hours from the airline’s Doha home base. The Nappa Dori kits also feature lip balm from Castello Monte Vibiano Vecchio, socks, and eyeshades.

I love Qatar as you also get really useful White Company pyjamas when travelling in Business with Qatar Airways on overnight flights. These pajamas or loungewear make the Qatar offering my first choice for the best airline pajamas.

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3. Singapore Airlines First Class Amenity Kits

The third best kit in the skies is on Singapore Airlines. Goodies are produced by the Italian Ferragamo. The men’s grey toiletry kit features a 30ml Eau de Toilette from the Acqua Essenziale BLU range, while the ladies toiletry bag includes a 30ml Eau de Parfum sample from the Signorina Eleganza edition. Both bags contain a lip balm, aftershave balm, and cleansing towel.

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4. Cathay Pacific First Class Amenity Kits

In position 4 are the amenity kits for first class passengers on Cathay Pacific long-haul flights feature natural skincare products from renowned Australian brands Aesop and Jurlique, respectively. Aesop branded pouches are gifted to passengers in first class. Inside, you can find signature products such as hand cream and lip cream presented in a specially designed case from Aesop, along with a dental kit, earplugs, a wooden comb, and moisturizing cream, and a sleep mask. Uniquely stackable camel-colored Aesop cases are offered on flights to and from Hong Kong, allowing passengers to attach the two kits together after their journey. Male First Class passengers are given a grey Aesop case. You also get pyjamas which you can see in my Cathay Pacific first class review JFK to HKG.

I also reviewed Business Class on Cathay Pacific on long-haul flights. Here you get an amenity kit designed by Seventy Eight Percent. Natural skin care products from Jurlique are included in the kit, which comes in 12 colors and is presented onboard on a rotational basis.

5. Etihad First, Business & Economy Class Amenity Kits

Etihad offers the Residence, a three-room suite in the air complete with a butler service, a bed dressed in Italian linens, a personal shower – see pictures and a generous offering of Acqua di Parma products, along with Christian Lacroix loungewear.

Etihad first class passengers also get Christian Lacroix loungewear and toiletries from Hungarian skincare brand, Omorovicza. Both the male and female embossed bags come in two rich colors, plum for ladies and grey for men.‎ A second phase will see new kits in burgundy for ladies and black for men. The ladies’ bag is designed to be used as a chic clutch, while the men’s can be used buttoned down as a washbag or, when opened flat, as storage for tablet devices. The bags contain four anti-aging and rejuvenating products from Omorovicza’s ‘Gold’ collection. In-flight items include ultra-hydrating moisturizers and lip balms packed with vitamin E. On the ground, the airline has partnered with the uber pampering Six Senses Spa in Abu Dhabi and the Etihad’s first class and Business Class lounges in Abu Dhabi are excellent.

6. United First & Business Class Amenity Kits

United Polaris launched in December 2016, with a world-class lounge, new food, improved bedding and two brand-new amenity kits: one for Business Class and another (slightly larger) kit for first class. In first class the kit is presented in a tan color bag, while the business, the kit is blue. Inside the first class bag, you find an eye mask, earplugs, and a Do Not Disturb sticker, tissues, and Polaris-themed disposable socks. Toiletries include Cowshed hand cream, moisturizer, lip balm, pillow mist, a towelette, and eye balm along with a toothbrush, toothpaste, floss stick, mouthwash, breath mints, comb, glasses wipe, and hand sanitizer.

In Business Class, you get an eye mask, earplugs and a Do Not Disturb sticker, tissues and Polaris-themed disposable socks, Cowshed hand cream, moisturizer, lip balm, pillow mist, a towelette, and eye balm, along with a toothbrush, toothpaste, floss stick, mouthwash, breath mints, comb, glasses wipe and hand sanitizer a pen. See my opinion of United from my trip report on United Airlines EWR LAX

More exciting than the amenity kits are United’s new pajamas, which are identical in both cabins which are handed out on flights 12 hours or longer. There aren’t enough pajamas for every passenger, so if you want a set, ask for them at the start of the flight. You can choose between mall/medium and large/extra large. The pajama set includes a top and bottom, and they are quite thin, which is good if you get hot on flights but less good if you tend to get cold.

7. Delta First & Business Class Amenity Kits

Delta now offers Tumi amenity kits featuring Kiehl’s products, with hard-sided amenity kits offered on flights from the US and soft-sided amenity kits offered on flights to the US. Products include Kiehl’s Lip Balm #1 and Kiehl’s Hand & Body Lotion with Aloe Vera and Oatmeal (this is probably my favorite hand cream and works brilliantly on dry flights), and a dental kit. Delta One passengers also get luxe eye masks by Tumi and socks to help circulation.

8. American Airlines First Class Amenity Kits

First Class customers on American Airlines flights are treated to travel essentials from leading skincare and lifestyle brands Clark’s Botanicals and Cole Haan. The airline unveiled a new range of Cole Haan-designed amenity packs in January 2017 for its transcontinental flights, which also include pajamas.

International first class customers will receive larger kits containing socks and an eye mask, mouthwash, headset covers, a toothbrush and toothpaste, earplugs, pen, tissues, and personal care products. Upgraded pajamas and cotton terry slippers.

9. British Airways First & Business Class Amenity Kits

British Airways is so very British, and although their Business Class or Club World seats come below competitors such as Qatar, Emirates, and Etihad, the excellent cabin staff and Biggles- style pilots keep me choosing to fly BA. In First, you get a pretty Liberty London amenity kit (pictured above). They were first introduced on selected flights between London and Los Angeles in January 2017 and have now been rolled out across the rest of the first class network. The stylish washbags have a contemporary look, using prints from Liberty London’s textiles archive. The women’s version features the eye-catching ‘Christelle’ oriental-inspired floral print and comes with a convenient wristlet. The men’s washbag is made of a black embossed textured exterior, with ‘Felix Raison’ paisley motif printed lining. The kits contain a range of well-being products provided by Aromatherapy Associates. See pictures of the old Elemis kits in my review of British Airways First London to Muscat. These new kits are a great improvement

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10. Qantas First & Business Class Amenity Kits

The smellies in the amenity kits on Qantas are a bit mean. The brand is Aspar, but as you can see from my pictures from my trip report when I flew Qantas Dubai to London, the sizes are very small. You also get Martin Grant Pyjamas and slippers along with the Aspar moisturizers and spray, deodorant, socks, eye mask, toothbrush, earplugs, comb, and a nice zip-up bag.

In my opinion, the best in-flight pajamas or loungewear are the White Company set supplied on Qatar, closely followed by the moisturizing pajamas on Emirates. The best amenity kits have to be the Bulgari kit on Emirates (I just love that scent!) and the fun BRICS bags and Italian skincare Castello Monte Vibiano Vecchio, supplied on Qatar. That said, I also love the Kiehl’s lip balm and a grapefruit-scented deluxe hand and body lotion with aloe vera and oatmeal hand cream on Delta. A special mention should go out to KLM. Their collectible Delft houses are very special.

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