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Qatar Airways Al Mourjan Lounge Review, Hamad Airport Doha


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Having shared our experience of the Qatar Airways business class flight from Amsterdam to Bangkok, we want to review the amazing Al Mourjan lounge at Hamad International Airport in Doha. We were familiar with the old premium terminal and its first class lounge but had heard that the new terminal was a significant upgrade.

Wow. It is astonishing. We have stood in airports smaller than this lounge. It is simply incredible in its scope and facilities. Accessed via a very long escalator at the bottom of which your boarding pass is checked by two burly ‘bouncers’ (to save you a long journey if you’re not entitled) it takes some time to realize you are actually in the lounge. In fact, staff are currently employed to stand at the top of the escalator to assure you that you have arrived. And boy have you arrived.

We couldn’t count the seats or different seating choices because we only had two hours before our onward flight. The reflecting pool underneath the restaurant at one end is almost Olympic pool-sized. The restaurant is reached via a wide sweeping staircase that takes you up a level to a further enormous space with hundreds of dining tables. There are buffets with sumptuous choices of fresh Asian and Arabic specialties kept topped up even at 2:00 am. On our return journey, we were here for breakfast and found it surprisingly full and service not very quick though it is possible to order fresh eggs any style and the fresh fruit selection was very good.

There is also a ‘business lounge’ off to one side which has more individual seating. Each seat is provided with an iPad. Through another door is a games room with a mockup formula 1 racer in Qatar colors as well as a beautiful wooden table football (think Fussball from Friends). In the main area, we found some very comfortable wicker peacock chairs which create semi-private suites for four or five. We knew there was no alcohol served on the ground during Ramadan and weren’t bothered at 1:00 am anyway but on our return flight, we saw a fully operational bar serving every drink you could want.

This is simply the best business class lounge we have visited (see the amazing pictures of the Qatar Airways Al Mourjan Lounge below) and we can’t wait to see the new first class lounge next year. See our review of the Amsterdam to Doha flight here.

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