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I often fly out of the North Terminal at Gatwick on British Airways to jet over to Nice for my trips to Monaco. It is worth noting that British Airways will be moving to the South Terminal in 2016, but whether you are flying British Airways or not, I thought it would be useful to compare the three Priority Pass Lounges in Gatwick’s North Terminal with a short review about each lounge and to outline which is the best lounge in Gatwick North Terminal.

No1 Gatwick Airport Lounge
No1 Gatwick is, in my opinion, the best of the three lounge options at Gatwick’s North Terminal. If you don’t hold a Priority Pass, it also comes in as the most pricy. You reach the No1 Gatwick Lounge by continuing to the end of the “lounge corridor” – you can’t miss it! The lounge is large and airy and has an expansive views across the runways at Gatwick which is lovely to look out over. This is the only lounge that supplies hot food options, a large selection of cold food options as well as a relaxing sofa area, a sofa area next to the windows (with a view) and a cafe style seating area. You will also find an almost unlimited selection of magazines here. The only thing I don’t like about this lounge is the fact that it does not supply sparkling water or coke except out of a tap which results in a very flat soft drink. Bathrooms are luxury and there is also a Spa. Read my full review of No1 Gatwick Lounge.

Aspire Gatwick Airport Lounge
This lounge sits between the other two Gatwick Priority Pass lounges in size, luxury, food and drink offering and also price (if you don’t have a Priority Pass). You reach this lounge by travelling down a few levels in the lift that also takes you to the British Airways lounge in Gatwick’s North Terminal. I like the fact that this lounge is more intimate and that you can get cans of coke and sparkling water out of bottles, but the magazine and food selection is limited and there are no views from this lounge so it comes in as my second choice when flying out of Gatwick’s North Terminal. Read my full review of Aspire Gatwick Lounge.

MyLounge Gatwick Airport Lounge
MyLounge is the most recently opened lounge and is located at the start of the “lounge corridor”. Again you cant miss the Starbucks look and the floor to ceiling glass windows that lead into this lounge. The lounge itself is smaller than the other two and has no hot food. Even the cold food is rather limited to biscuits and basic snacks, but there is a huge variety of drinks. This lounge would always be my third choice. Read my full review of MyLounge Gatwick.

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