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When I was walking towards my usual No1 Traveller Lounge in Gatwick’s North Terminal, which is complementary with my Priority Pass that comes with my American Express Platinum Card, I noticed a brand new airport lounge had popped up on the corridor to all the lounges. This lounge, branded My Lounge, is third alternative for Priority Pass users, and is an interesting option when the No1 Traveller lounges do occasionally get fully booked with pre-bookings.

My Lounge looks like a brand new Starbucks or a Costa. It has a wooden floor and walls and as you enter there is a counter to your right with numerous coffee machines and fridges containing snacks and canned drinks. The vibe is funky with coffee shop music playing in the background, loads of seating, sofas benches and big tables. To the left there are 2 communal computers that some kids were playing games on. The view is of the outside but over buildings rather than of the planes like in the No.1 Traveller Lounges. This lounge provides limited hot food – porridge (with a selection of toppings) in the morning and a vegetable chilli in the afternoon, but not the open buffet of salads cakes etc like the No1 Traveller lounge. But MyLounge does still offer refuge from the stress of the main shopping hall.

MyLounge comes in at a definite third when choosing which PriorityPass airport lounge to use in Gatwick’s North Terminal simply because, even though its is new with a fun atmosphere, it doesnt yet have its own toilet facilities – you have to use the toilets in the shopping area, but I have been told that there will be toilets introduced towards the end of the year. Certainly, if two No1 Traveller lounges get pre-booked up it is certainly a very third second best.

Interestingly, this lounge is free if you have a Priority Pass or similar but if you are travelling without any airport lounge pass whatsoever you can still access MyLounge at just £18 pp (or £16 if you prebook) you can just turn up and pay at the door. This compares to the No1 Traveller Lounges which you must prebook and which costs £25pp booked in advance.

If I didn’t have a Priority Pass i would definitely use MyLounge to escape the madness of the shopping area in Gatwick’s North Terminal.

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