No1 Airport Lounge Review Gatwick North Terminal


The No1 Lounge in Gatwick Airport’s North Terminal is in my opinion, the best airport lounge in Gatwick North Terminal. In my review below I outline exactly why this lounge is better than the other Priority Pass lounge options.

This is the only Priority Pass lounge in Gatwick North Terminal with a decent view across the runways (see pictures). The other lounges in Gatwick North face onto airport roads.

Size and Layout
This is the largest of the three lounges you can access with a Priority Pass. It is light and airy.

These are spacious and have nice amenities, much better than using the main airport toilets.

Two Kids Areas
There is a Cinema and a toddler play area which are both nice features to amuse the kids.

Variety of Seating Areas
There is plenty of seating in this lounge. I prefer the boxy seats by the window so I can watch the sky and planes, but there are plenty of larger booth sofas, a cafe-style seating area with sit-up seats and higher tables, some quieter zones with softer low sofas, a business area with computers and even a couple of swing seats hanging from the ceiling.

The food here is good. There is a large choice of salads, bread, soups, and desserts in the main area offered as a buffet, plus a complimentary hot a la carte option which used to include fish, chips, and mushy peas that was always a hit. At breakfast, there is an equally good pastry spread.

There is a large selection of alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks but no cans of coke or bottles of water. Everything comes out of a tap and is virtually flat. This is the one feature I don’t like about this lounge.

  • No1 Airport Lounge Review London Gatwick
    No1 Airport Lounge Review London Gatwick