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How To Get An Upgrade & Free Breakfast At Aman Hotels & Resorts


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Benefits such as room upgrades, free breakfasts, discounts, deals, and credit to spend in the bar, restaurant, or spa are easy to get at Aman Hotels & Resorts if you know how.

You would be amazed how many luxury travelers miss these free hotel perks. In this article, I share my very simple tips to ensure that you are prioritized for free breakfasts, upgrades, and more on your next booking at any Aman Hotel & Resort.

Why Choose An Aman Hotel?

Aman hotels are some of the best and most luxurious in the world. They tend to be more boutique in size than more prominent ultra-luxury brands like Four Seasons Hotels but offer a similar level of luxury. For example, the Aman Venice has just 24 magnificent and palatial rooms, and you can feel the intimacy the moment you step through the door. Many Aman hotels are similarly small, so they really are very special places where you will be treated like royalty.

When you stay at an Aman hotel, it feels like you’ve joined an exclusive club. Everyone staying is a member, and there is camaraderie among the very limited number of guests staying at that particular Aman Hotel. You immediately have something in common with these other travelers as you have all chosen to stay in this specific exclusive enclave.

How To Get Your Upgrade & Benefits

Aman Hotels officially partners with our Luxury Travel Concierge. Crucially, if you want to book a room or a suite at an Aman hotel, we can advise on the hotel and rooms you might want to select.

Find Aman Hotels Promotional Offers & Deals

In addition to the perks and upgrades detailed, there are deals at Aman hotels which can be found on their exclusives page. Our VIP benefits detailed above can be combined with these Aman hotel deals.

We particurly adore the Amanyara, Amanemu and Amanera.

Is There An Aman Loyalty Club I Can Join?

No, although some forums suggest Aman hotels will send you an Amanjunkie t-shirt if you stay there enough, there is no official frequent flyer loyalty program. When we stayed at the Aman Venice, our luggage was tagged with Aman Venice leather luggage labels for when we left, which was a really nice touch, but this was a hotel-specific perk and not something you will necessarily get at every Aman hotel and every stay.

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