Review: Qatar Airways B787 Amsterdam to Doha Business Class


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Feeling in need of a midsummer break, we decided to take advantage of some fantastically competitive fares offered by Qatar Airways in Business Class on their B787 Dreamliner.

We bought two Business Class returns from Amsterdam to Bangkok (via Doha). We have flown to SE Asia many times and usually fly direct, so we have lots of experience with 11 and 12-hour flights to Bangkok, Singapore, and Hong Kong.

In the past, we’ve felt it’s better to get where we’re going ASAP, but we often find the flight a bit too long, even in first or Business Class with lie-flat seats. We’ve also been wary about Boing’s trouble-prone Dreamliner B787. Since there had been no recent repeat of the onboard fires, we decided it was time to give it a whirl. It proved to be something of a revelation.

Qatar Airways B787 Seat Review

Qatar’s new Business Class product is one of our favorites, and I have reviewed the best and worst seats in this cabin below. The seat is spacious and comfortable and looks oh-so-stylish in grey and burgundy.

According to SeatGuru, the seats are more spacious than BA’s current 747 first class, and we felt that the product was superior despite being sold as Business Class.

The seat was easy to operate and could be completely comfortable for dining, reading, viewing, and sleeping. Clever use of space in the cabin resulted in a huge amount of storage for personal effects, so be careful to check carefully that you have everything before disembarking.

Comfortable in the seated, lounging, and sleeping positions, the seat controls were intuitive and customizable. Big soft pillows and blankets were provided on each seat, as well as the amenity kit, which provided the usual toiletry items and some nice perfume by Armani (perfect for the gym bag). On our later flight, pajamas were also handed out – Qatar Airways is one of the few airlines to provide complimentary pajamas in Business Class. Be aware that these come in S/M and M/L, so if you ask for medium, they may be on the small side if given S/M.

Qatar Airways B787 Food Review

Upon boarding, we were offered a pre-departure drink (we both chose Champagne) and the choice of a hot or cold towel. Our special dietary requirements were easily accommodated, with some of the food being adjusted to suit us despite the cabin being full to capacity. Top-ups were generous, and the food was very professionally plated and delicious, possibly the best we’ve had other than in the best first class. Service started with an amuse-bouche, followed by a refreshing goat’s cheese, butternut squash salad, and Arabic meze.

Switching at this point from the light biscuity Lanson champagne to the New Zealand sauvignon blanc, our main of chicken biryani was served. This was delicious, with just the right amount of warm spiciness and sweetness from the toasted onions. Fresh fruit salad provided the perfect finish to the meal, although richer desserts were available for those who wanted them.

Qatar operates a dine-on-demand service, so we could order whenever we wanted. There were also plentiful snacks available later in the flight for anyone who felt peckish. Menus are presented in a stylish leather holder on your seat when you board the aircraft.

Best Seats

Qatar’s new Business Class product is one of our favorites, and it is always important to carefully select the best Business Class seat on the plane, in this case, the Boeing B787 Dreamliner. The seats in Qatar Airways Business Class are spacious and comfortable and look stylish in grey and burgundy. I particularly like the egg-shaped frames.

In terms of the best seat to choose on the B787 Dreamliner, the advantage of this airplane is that there isn’t a particularly bad seat. When traveling as a single traveler a window seat will always be preferable. The window seats in rows 1 to 4 are the best for single travelers. For those traveling with a companion: the middle seats in row 6 are located in their own little private space between the 2 lavatories and are therefore recommended, although my preference would be 2 windows one after the other. The ‘window’ seats in row 5 are to be avoided since they do not have a window.

Other highlights when traveling in Qatar are the Armani perfume provided as part of the amenity kit and the complimentary pajamas in Business Class.

Overall Impression

We both remarked that we had never felt so fresh on arrival after 15 hours’ traveling and were amazed by the Al Mourjan lounge at Doha airport (see separate review of Al Mourjan lounge at Doha airport). That’s testimony to the low levels of noise and good air quality of the B787 and to the comfort of Qatar’s Business Class product, which is simply excellent. We had previously flown Qatar Airways in First class and been unimpressed.

This time, wow, what a difference. Service was polished and friendly throughout – all requests were met with a smile. We flew 4 Qatar sectors on this itinerary and had no complaints about the service, amenities, food, or seat. Having said that, we found the experience much better on the 787 than on the A380 (which has the same seat) or the older 777, so we recommend aiming for these flights. The in-flight entertainment system was superb,, with the best viewing we have experienced so far, including a judicious mix of classics and new releases. At under £800 GBP return in Business Class to Bangkok, you really can’t go wrong, even at twice the price.

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