Qatar Airways Boeing 787 Dreamliner Business Class Review

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This is the second time I have reviewed Business Class on the Qatar Airways Boeing 787 Dreamliner. This time the trip was from Brussels (BRU) to Doha (DOH). Following this flight I flew Qatar’s Boeing 777-300ER in Business Class from Doha to Bangkok. The airport lounge I was given access to for the stopover flying in business on Qatar was the Al Mourjan lounge at Doha airport.

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The Dreamliner experience was superb and is significantly better than the dated Business Class product on Qatar Airways Boeing 777.

The 787 is quieter than other aircraft with the largest windows in the industry and first-of-its-kind electronic touchpad controls to adjust the amount of light entering the cabin. You can look outside without glare, replacing conventional blinds. Dynamic mood lighting throughout the aircraft helps you adjust your body clock. The 787’s cabin pressure is also set to 6,000 feet (1,8 km) as compared to 8000 feet (2,4 km) in other passenger jets. Unusually, I did not suffer from a headache on this flight – I usually do.

The cabin configuration in Business Class is herringbone 1–2–1 configuration (similar to American Airlines or Cathay Pacific). Each passenger is assured of direct aisle access and a significant amount of privacy. The Business Class seats on the sides are angled toward the large windows, while the seats in the middle are angled towards each other.

Business Class seats on Qatar Airways’ Dreamliner
The Business Class seat offers loads of space. You can sit back and relax in a 22-inch wide armchair. Armrests can be fully adjusted to different heights depending on your activities. There is a huge shelf beside the seat for magazines and the menu, and you can eat and work comfortably at the same time with the wood-trimmed large sliding table. There is also a drawer and side compartment for personal belongings under the footrest and on both sides of the seats (where you also find a bottle of water and a set of noise-canceling headphones). The seats also feature a generous 17-inch personal touch screen Android TV, which enables you to navigate through a truly interactive system, offering more than 1,000 movies, TV programs, music, and gaming entertainment options.

The seat converts at a touch of a button into different cradle positions before reaching a generous 80-inch (203 cm) long, 30-inch (76 cm) wide flat-bed. The crew will provide a duvet during night flights only.

Each seat comes with a soft blanket, a decent pillow, and an amenity kit comprising if a bag with socks, eyeshade, earplugs and a comb, and a Salvatore Ferragamo kit that contains Attimo 5ml Eau de Toilette, 10ml lip balm, and a 20ml hand cream or refreshing water. Pajamas are only offered on night flights.

What are the best Business Class seats on Qatar Airways’ Dreamliner?
The window seats in row 1 to 4 are the best for single travelers. For those traveling with a companion: the middle seats in row 6 are located in their own little private space between the 2 lavatories and are therefore recommended although my preference would be 2 windows one after the other.

What are the worst Business Class seats on Qatar Airways’ Dreamliner?
The ‘window’ seats in row 5 are to be avoided since they do not have a window.

Food in Business Class seats on Qatar Airways’ Dreamliner
30 minutes after take-off, I was offered a drink. The crew then served me an appetizer of Pierre Joseph Cheese Gougere and red onion marmalade. The menu is provided from boarding, so you have plenty of time to choose your main meal.

As a starter, I choose the individual selection of marinated scallop, salmon tartar, and smoked salmon. It tasted delicious. As an entrée, I was served Arabic spiced chicken breast with harissa yogurt, pine nut, Mediterranean vegetables, and saffron rice. It was delicious. For dessert, I had the strawberry and vanilla ice cream with mixed berries. After dinner, every business class passenger was also served a small box containing 2 Belgian Godiva pralines.

90 minutes prior to landing, I was served a small buffet of white chocolate mousse, chocolate florentines, and lamb & mint pie.

The crew did a great job and addressed me by name, presenting themselves individually before take-off. WiFi was available for purchase once onboard the aircraft. 3MB is $2 USD, and 10 MB is $5 USD, and you had to pay by credit card. WiFi was really incredibly expensive, and I would not recommend it. I was online for 20 minutes just checking email, and I had already used my purchased data consumption unit.

The 3 major Middle Eastern carriers (Etihad airways, Emirates, Qatar Airways) are known for their excellent Business Class. However, there are some differences that distinguish one from another. The noteworthy differences include the complimentary chauffeur-driven airport transfers offered by Etihad and Emirates offer but not by Qatar Airways. Qatar Airways offers pajamas on overnight medium- and long-haul flights, while Etihad and Emirates only offer them in First Class. Qatar Airways and Emirates offer duvets on medium-haul flights (to increase sleeping comfort), while Etihad only offers them on long haul flights.

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