10 Best Airline Lounges At Hong Kong International Airport


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Hong Kong International Airport is the gateway to one of Asia’s most exciting cities, with some of the best airport lounges. We have already reviewed the best executive or club lounges in Hong Kong hotels, now we focus on the lounges at this magnificent airport.

Hong Kong International Airport is the travel hub of Cathay Pacific, which manages a total of seven lounges at terminal 1 & 2 that rank among the world’s most luxurious and exclusive airline lounges.

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1. The Wing First Lounge

Cathay Pacific’s lounges are spread throughout the terminal so that passengers can relax in the lounge nearest to their gate. However, The Wing lounge is a step up from the other Cathay Pacific lounges at Hong Kong International Airport, so I advise you to visit The Wing and then proceed to your gate around 15 minutes before boarding time.

The Wing lounge complex is located immediately behind the security checkpoint (near gates 1-4) and houses a The Wing First Class and Business Class lounge. It has a beautiful open-plan design. It’s located on the terminal’s second floor, one floor above the gates and shopping area. It has no side-walls or ceiling, allowing for some great views of the airport’s stunning roof architecture and of the tarmac traffic through the massive airport windows.

Just behind the lounge’s entrance, there’s a Champagne Bar, which provides a touch of exuberance before you head to the main lounge. The latter contains several seating areas featuring a minimalistic design that creates a premium but distinctive and comfortable environment. Reflective black glass walls and black marble floors are accentuated by a crisp white marble bar and warm colors of natural Eucalyptus wood walls.

The Wing lounge contains a large dining area called ‘The Haven.’ While the restaurant was very crowded during my visit last April, it has been expanded to more than double its original capacity since then. They were serving breakfast during my visit: you could choose from a nicely presented buffet, and there was a carte menu as well. Catering is inspired by The Peninsula Hotels, one of the world’s most exclusive and luxurious hotel brands.

If you want to freshen up before departure (or in between flights), you can choose from 12 shower suites or five cabins which come with a full-sized bath, a shower, and a day bed (to unwind before the journey).

2. The Wing Business Lounge

We have previously reviewed the Wing Business airport lounge. A large lounge, The Wing Business Class, spans two storeys. Both floors feature many seating spaces, as well as hot buffet selections. When entering The Wing, the attendants will normally direct people upstairs.

Taking a right turn at the entrance will lead to a long corridor, where you can access the lower lounge space and the business center. The shower room is at the end of the corridor. There are 23 shower rooms, and they feature bath products from Jurlique. Other necessary amenities, such as a hairdryer, toothbrush set, and cotton buds, are also available. Their bottom floor space feels is generally darker and feels more enclosed.

The top floor of The Wing Business Class is where the lounge comes alive. On the right side of the lounge are some seating spaces with their trademark circular Solus chairs and a long bar where they serve drinks. The long bar also has a great view of the gates in front of the lounge.

On the left side of the lounge are seating spaces and the hot buffet. The selection is usually decent, featuring western and Asian cuisine. There are also beverages like water, beer, and soda in small fridges and a selection of newspapers and magazines nearby. This whole area is the front part of the lounge and often gets crowded during peak times.

At the back of the lounge are the Coffee Loft and the famous Cathay Noodle Bar. The Coffee Loft is carved out at the corner of the lounge and feels more private. There is a small selection of pastries here and coffee. The Coffee Loft also serves alcohol and ice cream. They also served mooncakes from a famous Hong Kong shop when I was there last year around the mooncake festival!

The Noodle Bar is a larger space with ample seating and nice tables and bamboo decorations. As the name suggests, The Noodle Bar serves a few types of Asian noodles, as well as other appetizers like dumplings or buns. The food is freshly prepared when ordered and is very tasty. Overall this is a great lounge.

3. The Pier lounge

The Pier lounge, located near gate 65, represents Cathay Pacific’s flagship lounge complex and features a separate lounge facility for First and Business Class passengers. This is the other “best lounge” to use while waiting for your flight, as it offers some of the best facilities and food.

The design of the lounge utilizes a lot of dark wood and light green marble to give it a classy and polished look. The lighting is warm, and there is a lot of natural light. The lounge also smells nice – with the signature Cathay Pacific scent present throughout.

On the left of the main walkway is The Bar, an inviting space with a large semi-circle bar. There are plenty of sitting spaces here facing a few gates. This is a great brightly lit place to watch planes while sipping on the large offering of drinks available, including three types of champagne! If you feel like grabbing pastries or a light snack, there is also The Pantry, a small room where a good selection of fruits, desserts, finger food, and drinks are available.

Heading to the right of the main walkway, you will pass by The Bureau, the lounge’s business center. The bathroom, spa, and day suites are also along this walkway. At the end of this end of the walkway is The Dining Room, a large dining space where they serve a la carte food. There is also a small bar here serving drinks. The a la carte menu offers many options for starters, main dishes, and sweets. You can order as much as you fancy. The food quality is high, and each dish is nicely presented.

There is a spa in the lounge that is run by Gentleman’s Tonic. They offer a complimentary massage to passengers. Be sure to book them as soon as you get into the lounge, as spots are popular. The massages are very good, and definitely a good way to relax in this busy airport.

4. American Express Centurion Lounge

If you don’t have access to The Wing or The Pier by Cathay Pacific, I highly recommend trying out the excellent American Express Centurion Lounge Hong Kong if you have a Platinum or Black American Express card. On my last trip to this lounge, I was invited to visit the exclusive Centurion card (the legendary black card!) area. The picture (above) is of the main bar in the American Express Centurion Lounge.

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Platinum® AMEX Members have unlimited complimentary access to The CenturionSM Lounges around the world. For unlimited airport lounge access, whether you are flying Economy or Premium Economy, Business or First, you will need to apply for the Platinum American Express card. If you have an Amex Platinum card, you have one less reason why flying in Business Class is significantly better than flying in Premium or Economy, as you already have access to a truly great lounge!

This AMEX lounge is located up the escalator just before Gate 60. It is opposite the United Airlines lounge. Access to the lounge is limited to cardholders of the American Express Platinum card and the Centurion card, as well as two guests.

The entrance of the lounge is consistent with other American Express Centurion Lounges, with a foliage wall behind the marble check-in desk. A narrow walkway leads to the main area of the lounge. On the right side of this narrow walkway are two meeting rooms come, business centers with work desks and desktops with printers.

At the end of the walkway are two short chairs and a cute painting of a dog sitting on a chest with the words American Express. Turning right at this point leads to the main area of the lounge, where a beautiful metal frame houses the large bar in the center of this space.

There are high wireframe bar stools at the bar and various other seating options around the lounge. As the lounge is on a higher level, there is a balcony feeling to the area, as the sides of the lounge overlook the airport. Comfortable low lounging chairs are placed near the railings here. There is another tall table and high chairs at the edge of the lounge.

At the far end of this area are the buffet spread and a few smaller dining tables. There is a good mix of Western and Asian options in this buffet. To the left side of this dining area is a small check-in counter and glass door, which leads to the Centurion area, while the right side of the dining area leads to the bathrooms and shower area.

I hung around in the regular area and got a few drinks from the bar. The bar had a great list of signature cocktails curated by renowned mixologist Jim Meehan and a wine list curated by renowned wine expert Anthony Giglio.

The Centurion area is an exclusive area comprised of 2 compartments. The first has two rows of white marble tables with blue chairs lining both sides of the wall. The tables are separated by a wireframe.

The other compartment also incorporates dining tables lining both sides of the wall, but in different styles. I went to one of the booths on the left side as I was with two people. We sat down and were promptly given a menu.

The difference between the Centurion area and the regular area for the lounge is that the Centurion area features a sit-down dining menu instead of a buffet. The menu consists of Western and Asian options and was designed by the chefs from Yan Toh Heen, the 2 Michelin star Cantonese restaurant at the Intercontinental hotel in Hong Kong.

We tried various dishes on the menu. We ordered a Vietnamese salad, Asian mushroom and black chicken soup, and the Asian combination starter, which had some fried dumplings and rolls. They also served the higher-end GH Mumm Grand Cordon champagne in the centurion area, as opposed to GH Mumm Cordon Rouge champagne served in the regular area of the lounge.

For the main course, we tried the pan-fried salmon, the truffle risotto, the honey barbecued pork, and the wok-fried beef shoulder with spicy sauce. The servings were generous (more truffles than I expected for a lounge!), and the flavors were delicious. The service was also superb, with the waitresses constantly checking up on us and refilling our drinks. We had egg tarts and a plate of fruits with sorbet for our dessert.

The internet speed is great throughout, and the Centurion area is particularly peaceful. For a complimentary lounge offered to cardholders, this lounge was on par with the best airport lounges at the Hong Kong airport, such as the Cathay ones, and definitely better than the Plaza Premium ones. I look forward to American Express opening more lounges, especially internationally. I would also recommend that those who are eligible to consider this lounge as an option next time!

5. The Bridge

The Bridge by Cathay Pacific is an exclusive Business Class lounge located one floor below the main concourse near gate 35. The North wing of this airport lounge features the bulk of the facilities, among them a large restaurant, with both individual and communal tables, which is called ‘The Bakery’. It offers buffet-style dining, although it’s clearly a step up from the usual mediocre airport buffets. Freshly baked bread and pizzas, as well as delicious sandwiches, Danish pastries, Asian and Western soups, and several fresh salads, are on display.

In the back of the North wing, you find a stylish bar offering a wide range of drinks, canapés, and hot and cold tapas, together with a television lounge. There’s plenty of seating inside the lounge with several seat types available, among them the famous Cathay Solus Chair solid, marked by leather upholstery and lacquered shell, which is a designer piece exclusively created for Cathay Pacific.

The South wing in the same lounge features a dedicated IT zone with computer workstations as well as the so-called ‘The Bistro’ restaurant. This is a second (albeit smaller) self-service area offering a variety of high-quality Asian and Western hot dishes and cold food selections, including some delicious desserts and light leafy salads. At the Coffee Loft, you can treat yourself to freshly brewed coffee and specialty tea, accompanied by freshly-baked muffins, pastries, and cookies.

Floor-to-ceiling windows stretch all along the lounge’s entire length, offering great views of the traffic on the tarmac and bringing the outside in. However, IMHO, the lounge’s most striking feature is not the views nor its excellent facilities, but its residential ambiance, aiming (and partly succeeding) at offering a ‘home away from home. Wood floors and accents of oak and brass form a warm and natural color palette throughout the interior space that creates a comfortable and cozy atmosphere to make you feel at home. The residential feel is echoed by the inclusion of various pieces of art and culture, just like you would find in the living room of any home. For example, the main seating area in the North wing features two display cabinets that are curated with artifacts and books, in addition to two magnificent (and very expensive) Louis Poulsen PH artichoke lamps as well as works by photographer William Furniss, a specialist in abstract waterscapes.

6. The Cabin

The Cabin airport lounge, also a Cathay Pacific airport lounge, is an exclusive Business Class lounge located near gate 25. Cathay Pacific also has a small arrival lounge located between terminals 1 and 2.

7. The Sanctuary lounge

The Sanctuary lounge is another Cathay Pacific airport lounge. The Sanctuary by Pure Yoga represents a new angle in partnerships for Cathay Pacific. This 700 ft² space is located on the right side of the lounge upon entry. It is one long rectangular space divided into two zones, the front part is The Body Sanctuary, and the back part is The Mind Sanctuary. The Body Sanctuary, as you can imagine, is a space dedicated to activities involving body movements. To enter, we first needed to remove our shoes and store them at the storage on the right side of the entrance. On the left side of the entrance, there is a small cubicle for one person to do self-training.

Moving past the cubicle, in the main Body Sanctuary area, the left side of this area has five yoga mats on a slightly elevated podium. There is a large TV screen with a video instructor demonstrating yoga moves.

This new amenity provided by Cathay Pacific is definitely pushing the boundaries with new innovative ideas for their lounges. Similarly, Etihad is providing a gym in their First Class lounge. We look forward to more innovative spaces being provided by more airlines!

8. The United Club Hong Kong

This lounge can be found in the northwest concourse of Terminal 1. It is reached by the lift, and there are a number of airline lounges on the same floor, including the Emirates Lounge, Thai Royal Orchid Lounge, Virgin Atlantic Clubhouse, and the two Plaza Premium Lounges, which you can access with your Priority Pass and pay to enter.

The United Club Hong Kong can be accessed by those traveling in First or Business Class on United or Star Alliance partner flights. If you are a Star Alliance Gold member or a United Club pass member, you can also get into this lounge.

Interestingly, like the Plaza Premium lounges at Hong Kong airport, you can also pay to get into this lounge if you so wish.

The lounge itself is quite small or boutique and looks down on the boarding gates and the rest of the terminal, including the runway, as it is elevated above the main floor of the Terminal. It is a super view as you can watch the planes. Within the lounge, you can use the business area with printers, etc., or sit on one of the sofas or bar stool tables which are higher.

The food on offer included breakfast with hot options of scrambled eggs, beans, bacon, and sausages, as well as cereals and bread, including croissants. The lunch service included cold sandwiches and salads and hot soup, pasta, chicken, and potatoes. There were also “make your own noodle” areas which I didn’t try. For drinks, you could choose between a limited choice of soft drinks, sodas, wines, spirits, and beers.

What we liked about this lounge was the plane spotting because of the view over the runway. I wish all airport lounges had this kind of view!

9. Plaza Premium Lounge

If you have not paid for Business Class or First Class, you can still access a number of brilliant lounges at Hong Kong Airport for a fee or for free if you have a Priority Pass. There are two Priority Pass “Plaza Premium” lounges at Hong Kong airport in Terminal 1 and one Plaza Premium lounge in Terminal 2.

Paid entrance is also sometimes possible using cash or you can get in for free if you have a Priority Pass which comes free with the Amex Platinum card. You can also access most Priority Pass lounges for free using the FREE American Express Gold with its two free Lounge Club passes. To get extra referral points and advice on these free-lounge-access cards and more, have a read of our best credit cards for luxury travel.

The Hongkong Airport Plaza Premium Airport Lounge is allocated to passengers flying in business class on Etihad Airways from Hong Kong to Abu Dhabi (Gate 65). This lounge is conveniently located near Gate 40 (for guests using Gate 30 or above), directly after passengers exit the automated people mover, then use the escalator up to Level 7.

The lounge has 2 sections, one for paying guests (2 hours 480 HKD) near the entry and one for business class passengers on the left and further on.  There is a mutual area of bathroom and shower facilities, and a private resting area (3 hours 600HKD), as well as well-equipped work stations.

I was directed to the lounge for business class passengers. In the lounge, there was a proper bar area with bar staff, bar stools, and a large range of alcoholic drinks and beer on tap. There was also a good selection of wines and a self-service, glass-fronted fridge with cans of beer and soft drinks. The food selection was excellent, with sandwiches, cheese, smoked salmon, nuts, crisps and crackers, and a huge bowl of fresh fruit. 

Beside the bar was a selection of delicious mini-desserts. I enjoyed Tiramisu and fruit Pannacotta, these were served by the bar staff.  There was a hot food area with a good selection of hot snacks, including the signature Hong Kong-style Fish Ball Noodles.

I liked the airy outside seating area, which occupies a premium position with views across the airport and looking down on the planes from both sides. There was a separate, more comfortable area which was rather dark, with sofas, but no views, which it was empty. There were only ten in our quiet and exclusive lounge, the paying area was much busier. I would recommend this lounge, I left feeling refreshed and happy to face the long flight.

Below I outline the very best airline lounges at Hong Kong International Airport with photos:

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