Cathay Pacific The Wing First Class Lounge Review, Hong Kong Airport


The Wing is Cathay Pacific’s flagship First Class lounge in Hong Kong International Airport HKG, and in this review, I outline my thoughts on this rather excellent airport lounge. You can also read a more recent review of the Wing Business Airport Lounge.

The Wing is located right behind the security checkpoint at the airport’s terminal 1. It also happens to be the third-largest airport terminal in the world (number one and two are Beijing’s terminal 3 and Dubai’s terminal 3).

Locating the most appropriate Cathay Pacific lounge within terminal 1 can be quite a challenge and somewhat confusing, as the airliner is operating several lounges at its hub (7 in total), all with different names (e.g., The Wing, The Pier, The Bridge, and The Cabin). They are spread throughout the terminal so that passengers can relax in the lounge nearest to their gate. However, The Wing lounge is clearly a step up from the other lounges, so I advise you to visit The Wing and then proceed to your gate around 15 minutes before boarding time.

The Wing First Class lounge has a beautiful open-plan design. It’s located on the terminal’s second floor, one floor above the gates and shopping area. It has no side walls or ceiling, allowing for some great views of the airport’s stunning roof architecture and of the tarmac traffic through the massive airport windows. Just behind the lounge’s entrance, there’s a Champagne Bar, which provides a touch of exuberance before you head to the main lounge. The latter contains several seating areas, featuring a minimalistic design that creates a premium but distinctive and comfortable environment. Reflective black glass walls and black marble floors are accentuated by a crisp white marble bar and warm colors of natural Eucalyptus wood walls.

The Wing lounge contains a large dining area, called ‘The Haven’. While the restaurant was very crowded during my visit last April, it has been expanded to more than double its original capacity since then. They were serving breakfast during my visit: you could choose from a nicely presented buffet, and there was an à la carte menu as well. Catering is inspired by The Peninsula Hotels, one of the world’s most exclusive and luxurious hotel brands.

If you want to freshen up before departure (or in between flights), you can choose from 12 shower suites or 5 cabanas with a full-sized bath, a shower, and a day bed (to unwind before the journey).

From The Wing lounge, it was a 20-minute walk to the gate.

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  • Cathay Pacific’s First Class Lounge At Hong Kong Airport Review
    Cathay Pacific’s First Class Lounge At Hong Kong Airport Review