Etihad A330 Business Class Review Hong Kong to Abu Dhabi


In this review, I look at Etihad Airways business class product on the A330 from Hong Kong to Abu Dhabi. This was in fact the first leg of a two-part Etihad journey which started in Hong Kong and ended in London Heathrow. You can also read our review of the Abu Dhabi to London Heathrow in Etihad Business Class on the A380.

The Airbus for this flight was in fact an Air Seychelles plane offering a slightly dated business class seat arrangement and cabin-staffed by Etihad. The business class cabin was at the front of the aircraft and seats about 20 passengers in a 1-2-1 layout and every passenger had direct aisle access. The seats were very comfortable with fully flat beds with a decent pillow and a lovely furry blanket large enough to cuddle into and still tuck it around your toes! The journey was made easy by the very friendly, energetic, and professional service provided by the Etihad crew, even learning our names. The entertainment was excellent with plane location map, up-to-date film, TV, and music selection. I liked the TV on a stick which you could fold away to sleep, my main criticism was the lack of a camera to see the outside of the plane on takeoff and landing. The amenities bag was a useful zip bag with a toothbrush, paste, and a nice lip balm and face cream.

We were offered a selection of drinks, including champagne while we waited for takeoff and I had a mint and orange fruit drink which was delicious. Then we had champagne and assorted nuts. The catering was good and YOU chose when you would like to dine (see menu choices below). The presentation was excellent with linen table cloth etc and a good choice of wines and a bottle of water was provided. The hot apple pie and vanilla ice cream dessert were particularly tasty.

The cabin was nicely dimmed for sleeping and although I was on the corridor seat, it was spacious and I was not bothered by the crew or passengers passing (unlike British Airways Business Class on a previous flight where the bed was narrow and you felt everyone passing). Our friendly hostess gave me a present of two packs of Etihad cards at the end which was a nice touch.

I would thoroughly recommend this flight which was excellent value for money and a delightful experience – I even slept!