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The Four Seasons Hualalai, on the volcanic Big Island of Hawaii is one of the best luxury hotels in Hawaii and features in our best Four Seasons hotels in Hawaii.

Get The Best Deal At Four Seasons Hualalai

Four Seasons Hualalai is not cheap. The best way to get discounts, special offers, free benefits, and ultimately the best rate at any Four Seasons hotel or resort, including the Four Seasons Hualalai is to book your next Four Seasons stay via our luxury travel concierge and we can give you free loyalty-style benefits, room upgrades, and perks, at the same rate.

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The Four Seasons hotel benefits that our concierge offers are prioritized because we are an exclusive and official Four Seasons agent. What does this mean? Put simply, a room booked by us will get priority upgrades over those who book any other way (including booking via the website direct). Book with us to get a free upgrade. If there is only one room available at the hotel, which is the category above yours, we put you at the front of the line. You will be prioritized to get this upgrade!

Special Offers & Discounted Rates Online

The great thing about booking with our concierge is that you can get these free benefits whilst taking advantage of Four Seasons hotel special offers and promotions. Each individual hotel has its unique special offers page. Here are the links to the Hawaiian Four Seasons offers pages, including the offers you will find at the Four Seasons Hualalai:

Booking with our concierge and all the discounts and deals outlined above can also be combined with our own additional Four Seasons perks.

Best Time To Visit

Visit in Hawaii’s off-season, when the rates are cheaper, along with three for two-night deals being available and the islands are less crowded. Ideally, travel is spring (April to June) and fall (September to November). Winter in Hawaii can be cloudy and wet from December to March, but it is a popular time to travel simply because the rest of the Northern hemisphere is so miserable and cold.

Why Four Seasons Hualalai?

The thing the Four Seasons hotels do so well is to provide a guarantee of room quality, service, and of a resort of an extremely high standard. Wherever you go in the world, the rooms will be large and luxurious. The bathrooms, in particular, are always enormous, even in the base rooms. Their cheapest rooms are still of an excellent size, standard, and quality. In fact, they are usually identical to the rooms with a larger price tag and are often only differentiated from each other by the view.

With 243 rooms, there is plenty of choice at this Four Seasons. All rooms offer modern Hawaii décor, paddle ceiling fans (along with air conditioning), and each has a lanai or terrace. We prefer the downstairs rooms, which have private outdoor lava rock showers.

It is worth mentioning that even the cheapest room at the Four Seasons Hualalai is a great room, and you will have a similarly great holiday, whichever room you choose. If you book via our concierge, we can bump you up a room level for free (subject to availability on check-in as well as offering a bunch of other free benefits).

The Golf View room is undoubtedly the best deal as you get to enjoy all the benefits of the resort at the cheapest possible price. These are on the Golf Ocean-View Crescent on both the lower and upper level. As you would expect, these rooms look out onto the golf course.

I love the outdoor showers and the terrace as oppose to a lanai, so you can walk right out onto the grass. I would therefore always pick the downstairs rooms as the best choice.

By booking via our concierge, you will get upgraded to the Poolside Room (subject to availability), which is on the lower level of the “bungalows” on Beach Tree Crescent. These rooms also have a full granite bathroom and are super convenient for the pools.

Fundamentally all the rooms are fairly consistent, with a high level of luxury and a very similar size and facilities. The best rooms are those on the Ocean Front (of course!).

The Best Things About Four Seasons Hualalai

Whatever deal or discount you manage to book, the Four Seasons Hualalai is brilliant for a number of reasons:

Firstly, its location. Four Seasons Hualalai is on the Kona (west) coast of the Big Island of Hawaii, close to the airport. It is easy to reach and well located for world-class sportfishing for tuna.

The hotel itself is perched on dramatic blackened lava from the Volcano. The entire low-rise complex is dotted with palm trees and has a hugely long and private beach. The mix of the warm sand, deep blue Pacific waters, lush green tropical foliage, and flowers means that the setting can only be described as breathtaking.

The design of this low-rise hotel means that it never feels full, even though this glorious hotel often enjoys 100% occupancy (it’s that good!). The mainly two-story buildings are spread out, so you never feel like the hotel is particularly busy. By comparison, the Four Seasons Maui feels much more lively and busy, which is a good and a bad thing!

The large lobby is open-air, and when you arrive, you get a sweet-smelling lei (flower necklace) and an oshibori towel which is a great start to every stay here. Communal areas are also always immaculate, and the staff are always welcoming and often address you by your name (although I still don’t know how they manage to do this, bearing in mind the size of some Four Seasons hotels!).

The Pools

The Four Seasons Hualalai has a wonderful garden that stretches down to the beach, and its pools are an absolute highlight.

My favorite thing at the resort is the King’s Pond pictured above. Four Seasons brings the ocean into the resort for you with this pool, which is a quarry-like pond with a sandy bottom, carved free form out of the black lava, and teeming with fish. It is right next to the beach and is one of the most unique resort features I have seen. It’s filled with seawater and is home to thousands of fish, including a couple of spotted eagle rays.

You can swim in this pool for as long as you like with complimentary snorkel gear. Swim with real fish and rays, a truly magical experience, and all with the convenience of being just a short walk from your room. It’s a “must-do” for your bucket list. After your swim, or between swims, laze on a pool chair and have a drink or a bite to eat.

There are five other swimming pools some with sloping and sand bottoms, some with hot tubs/ You can look forward to complimentary frozen grapes poolside, which is a lovely touch.

There is also a large gym with a lap pool and of course, there is an amazing beach. From November to May, you are likely to spot whales and dolphins just offshore, and there are local turtles that meander about on the beach too.

If just laying on the beach doesn’t appeal, you can try watersports take outrigger canoe, swim or take surf lessons, or shoreline fishing.


There is a garden spa with a choose-your-own Hawaii ingredient treatment apothecary and outdoor treatment rooms.


The PGA-designated golf course is excellent, carved from oceanfront lava fields. This and the golf course at Four Seasons Lanai are probably the best golf courses on the Hawaiian Islands.

Hawaiian Heritage

Hualalai embraces its setting and heritage with daily traditional Hawaiian activities and talks in the cultural center. You can learn to dance the hula, play the ukulele, make sweet-smelling leis or carve bamboo stamps. Most activities are free.


Breakfast is only included with certain package rates. Book any package with our concierge and breakfast will be added into your package for free.

Breakfast is served at the beachfront ‘ULU Ocean Grill serves an à la carte menu offering an incredible array of delicious breakfast items, including all the berries under the sun, bear claws, scones, skillet filled with teriyaki beef, or tradition Hawaiian Loco Moco (burger patty of local grass-fed beef topped with fried eggs and gravy). This particular dish may well be considered a heart attack on a plate for those who prefer a low-fat breakfast, but it is, as you would expect from this Four Seasons, ridiculously delicious.

At night ‘ULU turns is a sushi bar and lounge with 75 percent of menu items sourced from the waters and farms around Hawaii. There is also an indoor Italian restaurant, a golf-side steakhouse, and a mini-mart to stock up on snacks.

Kids Club

The complimentary Kids for All Seasons club runs daily activities for children ages five-12, including a daily feeding of the 21-year-old spotted eagle ray in the lagoon. The complimentary use of front loading washer/dryer units spaced across the property is useful along with 17 sets of connecting guestrooms.

Resort Fee

Most resorts in Hawaii charge a resort fee, even if you are paying on points. Book the Marriott in Wailea, and you get your room rate for “free” (on points), but you are still charged an additional resort fee which makes a point booking here quite a bad deal. Unlike the nickel-and-diming resorts across these islands, Four Seasons Hualalai does not charge a resort fee. Yet, it still offers a bunch of complimentary extras.

Reward Style Benefits At Four Seasons Hotels

There ARE ways to take advantage of loyalty style benefits, much like those that you would be gifted if you were the top tier of one of the big chain loyalty programs. In fact, you can take advantage of these loyalty style benefits from your very first stay. And Four Seasons is not alone in this luxury offering. Most luxury hotels have hidden travel agent loyalty programs that give you free benefits if you book with the right “Virtuoso” or hotel partner agent. I have outlined the best luxury hotel loyalty programs which give you upgrades and free breakfast.

Will There Ever Be A Four Seasons Loyalty Program?

There have been rumours wafting about regarding a consumer Four Seasons loyalty program for years. The truth is that none of these rumors have come to fruition. At least not yet! The only way to get loyalty style benefits is to book through a high-end travel agency like our own concierge.

As for rewards, forget it. You won’t be able to collect for free nights. Your best bet is to book a 3-4-2 free night offer or to book out of the main season when they discount some of their hotels quite heavily (like Four Seasons Grand Hotel Du Cap Ferrat in November, just before it closes). You can’t take advantage of the sun and heat in the same way in the low season, but a stay at a Four Seasons hotel is always fantastic, even in the rain!

How About Corporate Promo Codes?

There ARE special corporate promo codes, so if you are an employee of a company like Goldman Sachs, Bank Of America, IBM, or the government, you might be able to take advantage of these discounts, but these codes are not widely available to the general public. Even though there is a Four Seasons promo code box on the homepage of their website, I have yet to find anyone who has access to a discount code that can be pasted into this promo code box! In addition, the discount is unlikely to be as good as the free benefits offered by our concierge. We suggest asking for a free quote so you can compare prices and benefits and get the full picture before booking.

You do get a discount if you are a Four Seasons resident. In this case, if you own a Four Seasons residence, you will be able to book into other Four Seasons resorts at a discounted price. Again, this may not be worth as much as the benefits offered by our concierge. Again, we suggest asking for a free quote before making your final decision.

Early booking discount rates, special promotional packages, rates with promo codes, friends and family rates, corporate rates, group rates, and other discounted rates usually also qualify for the perks which you get by booking with our concierge, but it is always worth checking with our travel experts to be sure.

Why I Love A Four Seasons Hotel

I love Four Seasons hotels, not least because they are so lovely to my own child. They seem to be designed for families while remaining a great choice for couples too. Just look at the 3 pools at the Four Seasons Maui, two allow children, but the third is a serene, peaceful infinity paradise. My little boy is growing up too fast but is still welcomed with open arms across all Four Seasons hotels. I have never felt uncomfortable taking him out in the evening or fearful when I see other families at Four Seasons hotels as I have never seen a badly behaved child at a Four Seasons on all my travels – they must be worn out from having too much fun!

And when you are tired and in an unfamiliar part of the world that is far from home, a Four Seasons hotel will make you and your family feel cossetted and safe. The staff will know where the nearest pharmacy or doctor is. They will have a supply of any toiletries that you forgot, they will cater for your child who refuses to eat egg because “there are black bits in it” (pepper) even if that means redelivering a different version of the same meal twice. They will even entertain your children at one of their many wonderful kids’ clubs, so it is a real vacation for you as well as the kids.

Is It Worth Booking Your Four Seasons room Via Your Credit Card?

Credit cards sometimes offer deals at luxury hotels, but if you book through our own concierge your benefits are prioritized over credit card bookings. By all means, pay for your room using a credit card, but by using your credit card supplier to book your rooms, you will not get the best discount or deal.


Four Seasons Hualalai is a brilliant hotel for couples and families. It lives up to its reputation as one of the greatest resorts in the world. The restaurants are fabulous. The pools and spa are world-class (The King’s pool is unique, you won’t find anything like it anywhere else). Staff are truly gracious, helpful, and caring. To get the best possible discount and offers as well as free perks, book via our concierge.

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