Which Is The Best American Airline To Fly Long Haul In Business Class?


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Which is the best American Airline to fly long-haul in Business Class? The choice is naturally between American, United, and Delta airlines, and if you are to fully enjoy your Business Class experience, it is important to choose the right airline!

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Who Has The Best Business Class Seats?

American, United, and Delta airlines have all recently upped their game. American Airline’s Business Class seats are currently better than most of the equivalent United or Delta Business Class seats. American’s position in the top spot is about to be overtaken by Delta, as they fully retrofit their fleet with new Delta One Suites. Deltas’ new Delta One Business Class, which are a walled cocoon, can currently be experienced on their Airbus A350s. This new seat will also be rolled out on its Boeing 777. The low doors give a decent level of privacy, although their low height means you will still be able to see taller passengers as they walk past. This Delta seat IS the best Business Class seat of the three, but so far, it’s only available on their 9 Airbus A350s planes. By choosing to fly with Delta, you are far more likely to experience one of their old seats, which are massively inferior to those found on American, which is why American remains at the top.. for now.

United has been slow to retrofit their planes. Two years after their new Polaris seat was announced, only half a dozen planes in their legacy fleet have been converted. The new United Polaris Business Class Pods are laid out in a staggered arrangement in the cabin and offer direct aisle access without taking up more room than United’s older seats. This United seat is a great seat, but it’s not as comfortable or spacious as American’s Super Diamond seat, and you remain unlikely to fly on a plane that offers these new seats for now. Even when the rollout speeds up. American’s seats remain a better choice, although the United Saks Fifth Avenue bedding is arguably the best airline bedding of the three American airlines.


American’s new Business Class Flagship lounges (which are open in New York JFK, Chicago O’Hare, Miami, and Los Angeles) are not quite as nice as the United Polaris lounges but are better than Delta Skyclubs. United has opened their new pre-flight Chicago Polaris airport lounge and their Polaris lounge in San Francisco. The Newark and then Houston will open over the summer.


When choosing between American, United, and Delta in Business Class for long-haul flights, American is the best choice. That said, Delta’s new Delta One suites, which are currently only available on their A350 planes, will be a game-changer and make flying Delta in Business a great choice as long as you can snag a plane with these new seats. Find out which routes the Delta A350 flies.

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