Flight Review: British Airways A380 Business Class HKG To LHR


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In this trip report, I review my flight on British Airways A380 in Business Class, HKG, To LHR. In the middle of January, I had to go to London for a business trip. For this trip, due to scheduling, I took the night flight for British Airways, BA 32, which left Hong Kong at 11:10 pm at night and arrived at London Heathrow at 5:10 am.

After getting to the airport and resting in the lounge, I boarded the plane around 10:50 pm. For this flight, I chose seat 50A on the upper deck. For the A380 upper deck, British Airways Business Class features 7 seats in a row, arranged in a 2-3-2 format.

As you all know, British Airways Business Class seats are the yin-yang style seats, which I am not particularly a fan of, to be honest. The seats are 20 inches wide, with a pitch of 72 inches. The seat can also recline into a decent, comfortable flatbed. On the left of the seat was the foldable tray, and on the right of my seat was the fuselage of the plane, which had lots of storage space. On top of the foldable tray was the foldable TV screen with the entertainment system, and on the bottom area of the tray were some safety manuals of the A380, as well as the power supply and USB socket. The British Airways in-flight magazine, “High Life” was in a separate compartment in front of me altogether.

I took my seat and waited for everyone to board. Luckily, there was no one in seat 50B, so I did not have to awkwardly face someone while taking off, as the dividers in between the seats cannot be lifted up during takeoff. I suppose this is my main gripe with the seats. Underneath the dividers were some seat control buttons. The remote control for the entertainment system was on my left when I was seated. There is also another USB socket there.

Waiting for me on my seat were also some amenities; a decent pair of noise-canceling headphones, a comfortable blanket, a pillow, and a Club World amenity kit. The amenity kit contained eyeshades, compression socks, a dental kit, earplugs, and some cream from Elemis. There was also a 20% off voucher for Elemis products.

As I had a business meeting early the next day, my main priority was getting rest. Therefore, unfortunately, I did not partake in much of the fun amenities of traveling upfront (or up top, in this case!), such as the champagne or nicer food. Instead, I just had some water as we waited for the plane to be boarded.

I must add that the new British Airways safety video, which featured many British celebrities, was quite entertaining. However, that was about the extent of my in-flight entertainment as I reclined my bed, put up the divider, put on the eyeshades, and went to sleep shortly after takeoff.

I was woken up shortly before the breakfast meal was to be served, and I went to the bathroom, which was surprisingly spacious. There was also a small snack bar at the front of the plane, which had fresh fruit, water, soft drinks, and some snacks. I took a piece of fruit and waited for breakfast to be served. I had some fruit and a pastry for breakfast and watched a little bit of a TV series.

Soon, the flight was preparing to land. I put my seat upright and enjoyed the bright lights of the area near Heathrow. The landing was smooth, and I went off to my business meeting. All in all, while British Airways might not be the fanciest business class around, this night flight from Hong Kong to Heathrow has the right timing and got the job done.

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Review by contributor Lenard Lim

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