Flight Review: British Airways European Business Class


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In this trip report, I review my flight on British Airways in European Business Class from London Heathrow (LHR) to Nice Airport in France. I am very, very happy to report some good news.

My flight from London Heathrow to Nice left at 1:55 pm in the afternoon on Saturday 10th February. Pre-flight I stopped by the British Airways Galleries Lounge at Heathrow Terminal 5. The flight left around 5 minutes late, but the jolly pilot was keen to share that we would make up the time en route.

I was seated in 5F, which was the back window seat in the Club Europe cabin. For those who do not regularly travel in Club Europe, the seats on offer are currently the same as those in Economy. However, the Economy seats are 3×3 across the plane. The Business Class seats are 2×2 as British Airways have wedged a small into the middle seat, which gives you room to breathe, plenty of elbow room as well as an alternate platform to sit your drinks. The pitch or legroom remains pretty cramped on these planes, but for 2 hours, it is not unbearable.

Recent changes include BA’s humorous new safety video with a selection of famous British Actors. The video feels mildly amusing, but the length did not. It dragged on forever, plus, assuming the actors were not working for free, I am not sure how I feel about British Airways paying all these famous names whilst squishing even more seats on-board.

On-Board Food In European Business Class

This is the good news bit, the food on my flight was good; really good! Ok, it wasn’t fine dining, but unlike the rather dry sandwiches which have previously been offered for afternoon tea, the food today was tasty and delightful. It was also delivered on the plate instead of in a plastic bag which was appreciated.

My afternoon’s in-flight choice was between a Mozzarella Panini, which had been warmed and was delicious, or a cold chicken and coleslaw salad (my choice, see above) which was equally delicious.

The size of the meal was more of a large snack than a full meal, but it was nice and helped the flight pass by more quickly. The staff were courteous and professional as usual (I am a big fan of BA’s competent staff and pilots), the flight was smooth and quick, we did indeed make up for lost time. For once, my family and I were happy customers!

It is worth noting that European Business Class is more like long-haul Premium Economy, so do not expect lie-flat seats or anything like this within Europe. You can read all my British Airways Business Class and British Airways Premium Economy reviews. You can also read my other European British Airways Business Class reviews.

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