Misery On Virgin As Plane Engines Continue To Fail


I have already detailed the disaster that Virgin is having with it’s Dreamliners.

The saga of faulty Rolls-Royce engines on their Boeing 787 aircraft continues this week and Virgin are bringing in some replacement aircraft to “solve” this problem in the meantime. The planes it has it’s hands on are rumoured to be four A330 planes previously used by Airberlin. Delta will also be taking the strain and flying some additional services.

These planes do not have Premium Economy seating and their “Upper Class” will be in Airberlin’s Business Class seats. Virgin has mentioned that it may retrofit Premium Economy seats “later in 2018”, suggesting that the engine problems are unlikely to go away anytime soon.

What Do I Do If I Am Booked On A Virgin Dreaminer

The good news is that you can do something about this. Keep an eye on your flights online and if your aircraft is altered, you have the right to request a different flight. You can also ask for a refund and then book with another airline.

These Airberlin planes are scheduled to run out of Manchester, so if you are flying out of Manchester and are booked into Premium Economy, you might want to amend your flight to one that departs from London, because Virgin will only offer partial refunds on a Premium Economy booked seat if the passenger is rebooked into Economy cabin on the same flight.

If you havent yet booked I would advise booking with an alternative airline, or picking out an alternative trip. Fly away somewhere else with these insane deals for cheap travel in 2018.

This is such a shame as Virgin Atlantic has great Club House lounges and is a fun airline to fly on. If you are planning a transatlantic flight in Premium Economy in particular, we would advise booking on an alternative airline until these problems are smoothed out. You can read which airlines offer the best Premium Economy transatlantic and which I consider to offer the best Premium Economy in the world. Since writing these articles, some of the American carriers (American Airlines and Delta) have also introduced Premium Economy and are worth considering.

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