Flight Review: Long Haul Economy On British Airways Dreamliner


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In this trip report, I review British Airway’s World Traveller Economy on their Boeing 787-900 Dreamliner on a trip from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, to London. The Dreamliner service on this route was launched over a year ago. We have already reviewed First Class On The British Airways Dreamliner B787-9 as well as Premium Economy on the Dreamliner, but in this review I describe the economy offering, which seats you should choose and what to expect on your next economy BA long-haul flight.

The Seats
The Economy cabin is located right behind the Premium Economy cabin. There are 9 seats across, configured in a 3-3-3 pattern. The best seats in the Dreamliner cabin, particularly for couples traveling or singles who like a window and space, are the window two seats in the very back of the plane. These are to either side of the cabin in row 43, seats A-B & H-J. Here you have 2 instead of the usual 3 seats. Therefore extra space by the window for storage and your legs plus these seats recline normally. The downside of these seats is that people bump into them when waiting for the toilet, and you can actually hear the toilet flush, particularly if you are on the aisle side of this duo.

The rest of the seating on the Dreamliner is pretty tightly packed. At 5’7”, even I find the economy seating cramped. Your seat comes with 31 inches of pitch and 17.5 inches of width. If you are taller than me, I recommend selecting an aisle seat where you can at least stretch your legs out during your flight, except for when the trolley passes by.

It is worth mentioning that you get a USB power port in the seat back as this plane and seat design is relatively new, which is useful. The in-flight entertainment system had a decent range of movies, TV series, and music.

A pillow, a worn but plastic-covered blanket, a small amenity kit, and a pair of headphones were on my seat. The amenity kit contained just the essentials – a toothbrush and toothpaste. The headphones were noise-canceling and decent quality, so that was a pleasant surprise.

Food & Drinks
As this flight left Kuala Lumpur quite late at 11:05 pm, the meals on board were dinner and breakfast. After taking off, I was offered drinks and pretzels. Drink choices included sodas, juices, water, wines (red, rosé, and white), beers, and liquors; I chose water and a warmish can of beer.

The dinner service began shortly after we took off. The menu offered chicken curry or pasta – I chose the chicken curry, which filled my stomach but was pretty plain. The main came with an unappealing starter that I didn’t try, bread and butter, crackers and cheese, and chocolate mousse dessert, which was the best bit of the meal. There were tea and coffee offered after the meal.

Breakfast was served about an hour before landing, and choices included vanilla porridge or an omelet. We landed in Heathrow shortly after 5:00 am.


The 31-inch seat pitch in British Airways World Traveller economy on the 787-900 is too tight to work comfortably on the tray table with a laptop, but the Dreamliner was a delight to fly in with mood lighting and lower-altitude pressurization, making the flight more comfortable.

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