British Airways First Class Lounge Reviews Including Concorde Room

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In this review, I compare British Airways First Class airport lounges including the iconic Concorde Rooms. I have flown BA many times and I have also reviewed my British Airways long-haul First Class flights.

The Concorde Room is only available at London’s Heathrow Airport in Terminal 5 and New York’s JFK Airport (with smaller, less extensive Concorde bars at Dubai Airport and Singapore Airport). These lounges can only be accessed if you’re flying First Class on an airline in the Oneworld alliance (one guest is welcome as well), or if you hold a Concorde Room card, given out for earning 5,000 tier points in a year.

British Airways also offers an exclusive First lounge at Heathrow and only a First Lounge at Gatwick (there is no Concorde Room at Gatwick).

The British Airways First lounge and Concorde Room at Terminal 5 share an Elemis Travel Spa, which is pretty good. While the free treatments are quick, at 15 minutes in length, they are top shelf, plus it is something else to do to break up the trip. If you are travelling in First you can get priority booking online for these Spa facilities.


Review of The Concorde Room Terminal 5

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British Airways has four Club Lounges in London Heathrow Terminal 5. The most accessible are the Galleries Club South and Galleries Club North lounges, open to First or Club class passengers (including Club Europe) and Gold or Silver members of BA’s Executive Club.… Read More.

Review Of British Airways Galleries First Lounge Terminal 5

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The British Airways Galleries First Lounge in Heathrow Terminal 5 is spacious, embraces the daylight, and has a lot of food on display: a fresh soup bar, hot and cold entrees, lots of snacks, full coffee stations with all sorts… Read More.

Review: British Airways Gatwick South First Class Lounge

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Being brutally honest, in looks and seating alone, the First class lounge at Gatwick South is no better than the Business Club Lounge at Gatwick South which I have already reviewed with pictures. In fact, the seating on offer is… Read More.

Review Of British Airways Singapore Concorde Bar & Lounge

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After a four-month refurbishment, British Airways’ has transformed it’s  business and first class lounge at Singapore’s Changi Airport. The centrepiece of the new British Airways Singapore Lounge is the Concorde Bar. An exclusive lounge for BA’s elite first class passengers… Read More.

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