Review: British Airways Gatwick South First Class Lounge


Being brutally honest, in looks and seating alone, the First class British Airways lounge at Gatwick South is no better than the Business Club Lounge at Gatwick South which I have already reviewed with pictures. In fact, the seating on offer is pretty much identical, although the room itself is a more intimate space.

What the First Class lounge does offer over the Business lounge is a quieter atmosphere and arguably a better view of the planes. You see, the Business lounge is partially overlooking an airport road and the top of part of the terminal. The First lounge is at the better end of the building and has uninterrupted views of the planes.

Of course, the food is also better in the First than in the Business lounge. On the side, there were delicious cakes (not unlike those in the Business lounge, but they were put out earlier in the First lounge). There was a choice of 3 delicious cakes in the First lounge; Victoria Sponge, Chocolate, and Humming Bird.

Food Menu In The BA First Lounge At Gatwick South

In the buffet area (which was smaller but of higher quality than that in the Business lounge), there were tasty looking dishes in silver vats:

  • Honey Roasted Bacon Loin with Parsley cream sauce
  • Moroccan Spicy Beef
  • Kedgeree Fishcake with Mango Chutney
  • Spinach & Mushroom Gnocchi
  • Desserts and fresh fruit

There were also some salmon and egg sandwiches, cold ham, chicken and cold salad.

You could also have the following a la carte hot food bought to your table:

  • BA Burger with Aberdeen Angus beef
  • Hoisin Duch & Oriental vegetable wrap
  • Roasted New Season Cauliflower
  • Macaroni Cheese
  • Chicken Jalfrezi

Plus Chocolate or Vanilla Ice cream.

Other Bits:

There was also a business area within the First lounge with a photocopier. I assume there were showers much like those in the Business lounge too.

Which Is Best – The First Or Business BA Lounge At Gatwick South?

The First lounge has a better view and food – although there was plenty of nice food on offer in the Business lounge. The First does have the edge, but the difference is marginal.

British Airways features in my top Business Class Airlines and we compare British Airways Club World Vs Virgin Atlantic Upper Class including the Galleries Lounges Vs Virgin’s Clubhouses.