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Best Fairmont? Pacific Rim Vs Waterfront Vs Vancouver Vs Airport


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There are four excellent luxury hotels in Vancouver. The Fairmont Pacific Rim and Waterfront hotels are within 100m of each other by the water’s edge. The Fairmont Vancouver hotel is located in the city’s center, 5-10 minutes walk from the Pacific Rim. The Fairmont Vancouver Airport is another good luxury hotel in Vancouver. However, this one is situated in the terminal building at the airport and is a drive from the center of Vancouver.

The Best Fairmont In Vancouver:

We consider the best Fairmonts’ in Vancouver to be:

  • The Fairmont Pacific Rim
  • The Fairmont Waterfront
  • The Fairmont Vancouver
  • The Fairmont Vancouver Airport

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1 Location

The Fairmont Pacific Rim is the best Fairmont in Vancouver and one of the best luxury hotels in Vancouver. It is probably joint top with the Rosewood Vancouver. It is located at 1038 Canada Place Way Vancouver V6C 0B9, within 100m of the Fairmont Waterfront. The Fairmont Vancouver is situated in the center of town and lacks the views, and the airport Fairmont is up at the airport, so for location, the Pacific Rim and the Waterfront win.

2. Design & Style

The Pacific Rim has a more modern, ‘cleaner’ design than the other Fairmont hotels in Vancouver. It shares virtually the same location as the Fairmont Waterfront, and both hotels are definitely comparative, hence our choice of putting the Fairmont Waterfront in position 2. The city center Fairmont has also been recently refurbished but has the least inspiring design. So the Pacific Rim is best for style.

3. Bar

The main lobby bar of the Pacific Rim is the place to see and be seen in Vancouver and is great for people-watching. There are plenty of good options within a 20-minute walk from the Pacific Rim for dining and shopping. The hotel provides complimentary drop-off services in one of their BMW house car (7 series) on a first-come, first-served basis, and you rarely have to wait for more than a couple of minutes for a ride.

3. Pool

The Pacific Rim hotel also has the best pool, complete with a bar and surrounded by loungers and cabanas. This is a great place to hang out. The Waterfront also has a pool, but it is not as stylish.

4. Rooms

While the Fairmont Pacific Rim and Fairmont Waterfront are very solid properties, the Fairmont Hotel Vancouver was traditionally the worst of the three Fairmont hotels in central Vancouver. But a recent refurbishment, including the club lounge and new management, is bringing this back as a contender for a great Fairmont choice in Vancouver. However, the best hotel remains the Pacific Rim which is a little bit better in most respects. This “betterness” is typically reflected in its higher room rates.

A Harbour View Room at the Pacific Rim is a great room choice. Although the rooms at he Waterfront have a similar view, Pacific Rim rooms have more frills; a TV in the bathroom mirror, a virtual surround soundbar, iPad room controls, super fluffy bathrobes, more dining options, and a better gym.

5. Breakfast

Breakfast at Fairmont Pacific Rim is comparable to the Fairmont Waterfront and the Fairmont Vancouver if you don’t have club lounge access.

6. Welcome Amenity

The welcome gift or Platinum Amenity is also comparative across these four properties. Usually something sweet and chocolate.

7. Relaxation

When comparing the Pacific Rim to the Fairmont Waterfront, the Waterfront has a more relaxed atmosphere.

8. Price

The Waterfront offers comparable views for a lower price. Bed quality, linen comfort, and other rest-related qualities are consistent with the rest of the Fairmont brand for both properties.

If you get a renovated room at the Waterfront, there’s not a big difference in terms of the rooms between the Pacific Rim and the Waterfront. The main difference is that the Pacific Rim is a more fancy hotel. A “place to be and be seen”, while the Waterfront is cheaper.

9. Club Lounge

The Gold lounges at the Pacific Rim and Vancouver Waterfront are great during the summer since both have an awesome outside patio. The Fairmont Vancouver and Airport have similar food but no outside space. Find out the best club lounge in Vancouver.

10. Staff

Staff at all four hotels have a “make it happen” attitude at all four Fairmont hotels in Vancouver and are way better than many other hotel options in the city, such as the Sheraton Wall Centre. Concierges at all properties are excellent. Concierges at the Pacific Rim may be slightly better connected, while the concierges at the Waterfront may have more time to focus on each guest (since guests are slightly less demanding).

Alternatives to these Fairmont hotels in Vancouver include the Hyatt Regency, which is not a patch on the Fairmont Hotels but is also a more reasonable rate. The Four Seasons in Vancouver has permanently closed.

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