How Much Is A Leaders Club Point Worth?


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If you book hotels on lhw, the Leading Hotels Of The World website, you will accrue leaders club points on every stay, but how much are they worth?

How Many Points Do You Recieve?

An immediate disadvantage of booking via Leaders Club is that the benefits are not as good as the Virtuoso benefits you get if you book via our Virtuoso travel concierge. Whether you book via our Virtuoso agents or Leaders Club, you will get benefits like breakfast or two and room upgrades, but Leaders Club recently removed their $100 arrival gift.

If you book via our Virtuoso travel agency, you still get a $100 gift to use at the hotel. Usually, either as room credit to spend on food and beverage or a gift like an afternoon tea to the value of $100 is also included with your booking.

On Leaders Club bookings, there is no longer any gift like this, which is a major disadvantage of booking via Leaders Club.

How Many Points Do You Recieve?

How many points do you earn when you stay at a Leading Hotel? So what is your % return when you earn leaders club points?

I am a Leaders Club Sterling Member, which means I get a 5% Stay Bonus.
On my last stay at Hotel Hermitage in Monte-Carlo, we spent €2050 EUR, which earned 2191 points plus a 5% Sterling points bonus of 110 so a total of 2301 points.

At a valuation of €0.072 EUR per point (calculated below), we earned €165.67 EUR of points, which equates to an 8% return on my spend.

Value of Redeemed Leaders Club Points

We’ve been redeeming stays at the gorgeous Hotel Hermitage in Monte-Carlo, and the first thing to make is that you can only redeem your Leaders Club points on rack rates, so if there is a discounted rate, you will not be able to redeem your points on these rates.

As an example, I can currently see a discounted advance purchase rate of £372 GBP per night. But it seems I can’t redeem my points against this rate. Instead, redeem my points against the Leaders Club Exclusive Rates of £403 GBP per night, which costs me 6350 points valuing each point at £0.0634 GBP = €0.072 EUR = $0.076 USD.

Equally, a rate of £377.42 GBP in spending equates to 5953 points valuing each point at £0.0634 GBP = €0.072 EUR = $0.076 USD.

Is It Worth Booking Via Leaders Club?

The loss of the welcome gift valued at around $100 Leaders Club means that booking via Leaders Club is less appealing than it used to be.

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