Top 5 Pool Essentials For Your Vacation


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The last few years didn’t quite work out as planned because of the COVID-19 pandemic. 2022 offers the opportunity you’ve been waiting for. You can now get away to the hotel you dreamed of, with that beautiful pool bathed in sunshine. The question is, do you even remember what to pack?

In this article, we review the top 5 pool essentials for your next vacation. If you’re struggling to remember what you need, here are our top 5 picks:

1. Ripa Ripa

One of the best luxury swim short brands in the world is Ripa Ripa. Born in Milan, Ripa Ripa is the brainchild of Oliviero and Anna Laura, who found it difficult to find what they considered to be stylish swim shorts, and they now produce some of the most stylish swim shorts in the world.

The Italians are, of course, known for their style, and these shorts showcase the best in Italian style. My husband and son swear by these shorts as one of their top pool-side choices when we stay at magnificent luxury hotels like Four Seasons Cap Ferrat.

2. Coverup

Kaftans or light shirts are perfect for protecting your skin against the sunshine. More recently, Anna and Oliviero of Ripa Ripa launched their interseasonal, handmade Camica Capri linen shirt, which can be worn both during colder weather with a sweater and can be paired with swim shorts in summer to protect.

The casual design is based on a vintage cut from the 1960s, famously worn by Gianni Agnelli during his summers in Capri. This halfway cross between a polo and a shirt is perfect for a day by the pool or at the beach. The shirt is cut in light, high-quality, 100% Italian linen that grows softer over time.

Interseasonal in nature, the Camica Capri shirt finds its spot on diverse occasions – whether it is paired with swim shorts in summer or accompanied by a sweater on a crispy day.

If you are female, Heidi Klein’s coverups are what you need for warmth as the sun goes down and to protect against the sun’s rays. A nice light Kaftan will convert your most stylish swimsuit into the perfect early evening attire.

3. Shoes

Our poolside essential pair of shoes are flip-flops, which are easy to wear and easy to pack, but if we want to be a little more glam poolside, we pop on our heels. They make your legs look longer!

4. Sun Tan Lotion

Seriously, don’t forget this. You don’t want to look like a shriveled-up raisin when you hit 50!

4. Mosquito Spray

If you’re heading to a pool surrounded by greenery, spraying on some strong formula mosquito spray is always wise. Mozzies hidden in the foliage around the pool often catch us out, so it’s worth having a can in your bag.

I wish every one of our readers wonderful travel experiences in 2023, wherever you go. It’s been too long!

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