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Does Four Seasons Reward Guests With A Loyalty Program?


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Does Four Seasons have a points based loyalty rewards program? And is this loyalty program part of Marriott Bonvoy rewards? In short, the answer is no. Four Seasons does not offer rewards, and there is no loyalty program. You can’t collect Marriott Bonvoy rewards, Hilton Honors, IHG points, or World of Hyatt points when you stay at a Four Seasons hotels.

How To Get Your Loyalty Style Upgrade & Benefits

Four Seasons partners directly with a small number of high-end agencies, including our own luxury travel concierge, which means that we can share privileges at all Four Seasons hotels and resorts with clients who make bookings with us.

To get the best deal or discount at a Four Seasons hotel, book via our concierge. Our prices are identical to the offers on the Four Seasons website, but when you book with us, you will also benefit from our official Four Seasons partner agency perks, which are added for free. We are not cheaper than, we are the same price, but the free perks we offer are extremely valuable.

We offer similar free upgrades, free breakfasts, and free perks at other luxury hotels, including Hilton’s Waldorf Astoria, Hyatt, Andaz, Ritz-Carlton, Marriott, InterContinental, and more.

How To Get Priority Loyalty Style Benefits

The Four Seasons hotel benefits that we offer are prioritized because we are an exclusive and official Four Seasons agent. What does this mean? Put, a room booked by us will get priority upgrades, so if there is only one room left, which is the category above yours, we put you at the front of the line for this upgrade.

Room upgrades are prioritized for our clients because we are an official Preferred Partner travel agency. Your upgrade will be prioritized above direct and above credit card bookings.

I Heard Four Seasons Rewards Were Launching

There have been rumors wafting for years about the launch of a loyalty program, but the truth is that Four Seasons doesn’t have one and doesn’t need one. Why? Because they have a different approach to loyalty. Rather than offering a few cents or pence back on every dollar or pound spent to eventually generate enough loyalty points for a free night, they instead attract guests via their brilliant reputation of near-perfect service and high-end hard products. They do share benefits with clients of luxury travel advisors but not via a loyalty program.

Travel advisors like our own concierge offer free loyalty-style benefits from your first stay. These are in the form of resort credit, free room upgrades, and perks, amenities, etc.

Whenever you book a room via travel advisors like our concierge, you get the room for the same rates as you pay by booking directly on the hotel’s website. Plus, if there is a room available in the category above yours at check-in, you will get it. You see, Four Seasons values their regular guests, so they WANT to upgrade you and make your stay brilliant. By treating you well, you will return!

Are There Cheap Four Seasons Hotels?

So are there any cheap Four Seasons in the world? No! rates do vary according to where you are in the world for the simple reason that land and labor costs differ. Equally, if you travel to a Four Seasons location with low and high season, you can pick up a bargain out of the main season if you don’t mind risking less reliable weather. That said, because Four Seasons hotels are consistently one of the best hotels in any city or resort, you can rely on their room quality, size, and comfiness of their beds. This is a huge thing. You are almost certain to get a good night’s sleep at a Four Seasons hotel. This means that most Four Seasons hotel room rates generally start at $500 – $1000 USD per night.

Why Advisor Benefits Are Better Than a Loyalty Program

Many loyalty rewards programs like Marriott Bonvoy or World of Hyatt cater to business travelers who stay at mid-range Marriotts on business and then use the points to buy themselves a “free” vacation stay. Equally, canny credit card point collectors can rack up huge volumes of loyalty points by spending on their credit cards. They consequently spend these points on stays at hotels, usually for leisure and sometimes for business too.

Although this isn’t a bad thing, this does mean that if you aren’t an avid point collector or a heavy business traveler, you will have to spend your dollars on a stay at a Marriott hotel where others are simply burning their loyalty points. Even top-end Marriotts and Ritz-Carlton hotels will let you spend your Marriott Bonvoy points at their hotels.

At Four Seasons, everyone is a paying customer. Everyone wants to stay at that Four Seasons hotel, there is no one staying there on loyalty points, and no one just using up their loyalty points to stay there. No one is staying there when they don’t really want to, on a loyalty mattress run.

Advisor benefits are better because you don’t have to be an obsessive traveler that prioritizes loyalty point collecting to take advantage of our travel advisor benefits. You will get them all for no extra cost from your very first stay. Those who are not business travelers will not get penalized for only traveling to a Four Seasons occasionally.

The typical Four Seasons clientele stay because of the outstanding service and amenities and are less concerned about price or points, so they do not need to offer an additional loyalty program.

Four Seasons Promotional Offers

In addition to the perks and upgrades outlined above, there are deals at Four Seasons hotels which you can take advantage of, such as second, third, or fourth night free depending on the season. These 3 for 2 and 4 for 3 vouchers can be an incredible deal if you have a specific Four Seasons hotel in mind and are flexible on when you want to visit.

These offers can be found on the offers tab on the menu bar of the Four Seasons hotel homepage. Each hotel has its own specific offers page. Our travel agent perks outlined above can also be combined with these Four Seasons deals. Just book via our concierge, and we will let you know what deals are available for your chosen dates.

How To Double Up On Your Travel Agent “Loyalty Benefits”

Beyond staying at Four Seasons hotels in the low season, if you want to take advantage of excellent rates and our travel advisor loyalty style benefits too, consider new Four Seasons hotels offering opening deals or staying outside the main season for a better deal.

We particularly love the Four Seasons Cap Ferrat (pictured above), the Four Seasons Maui and the Four Seasons Lanai.

The Official Line On Why Four Seasons Don’t Offer Loyalty Rewards

The official line on why Four Seasons doesn’t have a loyalty program can be found below, from a Skift article with Four Seasons’ CEO in 2014:

“Our view of our guests and certainly our feedback from our guests is they’re far less concerned about accumulating points to be redeemed for rewards as they are in a position where they’re recognized, and we understand their preferences and can serve them in that highly personalized way they’ve come to expect.”

Bottom line

I tend to feel that Four Seasons doesn’t want to cheapen or damage their brand by offering loyalty points. It is hard to find a more consistent luxury hotel brand with such a large volume of rooms and properties right now. Yes, some prefer Aman hotels, but there are less of these, and they are much smaller.

This makes Four Seasons a unique proposition and a hotel brand that doesn’t seem to have too much of a problem in filling their rooms. There is no loyalty program for Porsche cars, and they sell well, the same goes for Prada or Gucci. People buy these products because they want them. People stay in Four Seasons hotels because they want to as well. Perhaps a loyalty program might even take some of the joy out of their stay.

People can get bogged down in collecting and spending points and can end up at hotels that are not their first choice. At Four Seasons hotels, people really, truly want to be there. They are there regardless of whether Four Seasons has a loyalty program or not. They don’t need to worry about earning and burning points and maintaining status during their stay.

They live in the moment and enjoy their stay for what it is. A brilliant experience. There is something to be said for such simplicity in travel.

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