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10 Ways To Book A Mandarin Oriental Hotel With A Discount


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Mandarin Oriental Hotels and Resorts is one of the world’s leading luxury hotel brands, with hotels across the Asia-Pacific region, America, Europe, the Middle East, and Africa. If you are searching for the cheapest Mandarin Oriental hotels or are looking for a nice discount on your next stay, look no further!

If you book on the Mandarin Oriental website direct, you may not get the best deal. It is always worth asking our luxury travel concierge for a free quote. We can secure you free loyalty-style benefits (on top of your status), room upgrades, and perks for no extra cost. If you already get personal Fan Club perks, it is worth mentioning that the travel agent Fan Club perks are almost always better than the Fan Club perks, which you will get directly, so it is always worth finding out what we can offer before you book.

The great thing about this is that you can get these free benefits while taking advantage of Mandarin Oriental’s special offers, which you can find on their website or from our agents, who can advise on the best offers.

We outline how to book into a Mandarin Oriental hotel with a discount in more detail below:

1. Get Free Benefits With Our Fan Club Travel Agency

As outlined, you can take advantage of our free benefits from your very first stay at Mandarin Oriental hotels and resorts. Book with our luxury travel agency. It really is that easy, and the rates you pay will usually be the same as those on the Mandarin Oriental website.

2. How About The Fan Club Loyalty Program?

How about the Mandarin Oriental Fan Club Loyalty Program? Does this give guests a great discount or cheaper rooms? Nope. You simply get some extra benefits. You can join for free and get basic property-specific benefits, but you will get a much better deal if you book your next Mandarin Oriental hotel stay with our luxury travel concierge. You will get five complimentary benefits at no extra cost, which is more than you can get if you book direct, so it makes sense to book with us.

3. Book Early

Book as soon as possible and as soon as the rates come out if you can. This can be a year in advance! Last-minute discounts don’t usually happen in popular destinations, so waiting usually doesn’t work. In fact, if you book late, your ideal room may have sold out, and you could end up paying for a larger “better” room with facilities and views that you don’t really want.

4. Pick Up A Discounted Stay At Our Travel Auction

Scroll through the luxury hotel stays in our luxury travel auction, which offers genuine and massive discounted hotel stays. These are one-off items, so when they’re gone, they’re gone. Our auction also offers luxury stays beyond the Mandarin Oriental brand, so it is worth looking around as there may be a hotel stay that you want to bid on.

5. Book Advance Purchase Rates

Are you sure about your plans and dates? If so, you should take advantage of advance purchase discounted rates. This will snag you a cheaper room at some of the best Mandarin Oriental hotels in the world. Usually, there are no refunds on advance purchase rates once you have locked in the rate, so do be careful if you go for this option.

6. Avoid The Main Season

Stay at your favorite Mandarin Oriental hotel or resort out of the high season. In cities, book at the weekends. In the countryside, book on weekdays. Try to anticipate when the crowds will want to stay and book when you think your favorite hotel will be less full.

7. Book A Brand New Hilton Hotel

Brilliant new Mandarin Oriental hotels are opening all the time. Keep an eye out for one opening in a destination that you want to visit. New hotels are usually cheaper.

8. Stay Shorter

It sounds obvious when you say it out loud. Still, I would prefer three nights at a truly great Mandarin Oriental like the Mandarin Oriental Geneva (pictured above) than a week at a hotel in a less appealing destination. Even if you book in for one night, you can still take advantage of our early check-in and late check-out, free breakfast, resort credit, and you still get the amenity.

9. Promo Codes

There may be corporate promo discount codes that you can use on the Mandarin Oriental website, so if you are an employee of a company like Goldman Sachs, Bank Of America, IBM, AAA, or the government, you might be able to take advantage of these discounts, we are not honestly sure whether these promo codes are relevant for this brand. But any corporate discount may not be as good as the free benefits offered by our luxury travel concierge. We suggest asking for a free quote so you can compare prices and benefits and get the full picture before booking.

10. Travel Somewhere Cheaper

Paris is always more expensive than Kuala Lumpur. Portugal and Greece tend to be cheaper than England. Much of Asia offers incredible hotels for a fraction of the price of a similar hotel in Europe or America. Shop around for a bargain destination to get a top hotel for a discounted price.

The rates at these hotels may be cheaper, but you are not forgoing any of the luxuries. As there are so many wonderful luxury hotels within the Mandarin Oriental portfolio to choose from, you can pick up some super rooms at incredibly discounted rates simply by choosing your destination carefully. It is also wise to take advantage of discounted special offers that happen throughout the year in the lower season across some of the greatest cities in the world.

Note: Benefits & upgrades subject to availability. Benefits offered correct at the time of writing. Terms & conditions apply. Enquire for more information. Benefits offered correct at the time of writing but may be amended at discretion of the vendor. Any auction prices listed correct at time of publication, but will be subject to change. Posts may be sponsored by the proprietor or brand being appraised. All opinions remain our own & are in no way influenced.