Best Airline Lounges At Bogota El Dorado Airport, Colombia


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The main airport in Bogota is El Dorado Airport (BOG), Colombia. Below I outline the very best Priority Pass lounges at Bogota airport and the best non-Priority Pass airline lounges at Bogota’s El Dorado Airport.

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Once you arrive into Bogota, we have reviewed the best hotel executive club lounges in Bogota and the best luxury hotels in Bogota.

Free Airport Lounge Access

If you have not paid for Business Class or First Class, you can still access several brilliant lounges at Bogota El Dorado Airport for a fee or for free if you have a Priority Pass. Priority Pass holders flying internationally have access to two flagship airline lounges (Avianca and LATAM) and a third-party lounge (the Eldorado lounge). All three are very good, but which is best? We review this in more detail below!

Paid entrance is also sometimes possible using cash or you can get in for free if you have a Priority Pass which comes free with the Amex Platinum card. You can also access most Priority Pass lounges for free using the free American Express Gold with its two free Lounge Club passes. To get extra referral points and advice on these free-lounge-access cards and more, have a read of our best credit cards for luxury travel.

1. Sala VIP LATAM Star Alliance Lounge

Sala VIP LATAM Star Alliance Lounge is the best lounge at Bogota airport. You get there by taking the lifts between gates 34 & 35 up one floor. This airport lounge is a Priority Pass lounge, so if you have a credit card with Priority Pass lounge access, you get in for free.

Within the lounge, there are magazines and newspapers, food and drink, all arranged in a triangular room. The seating is extensive, with some cool rocking chairs by floor-to-ceiling windows that look over the rest of the inside of the airport. Even though this was an internal view rather than out to the planes, this has to be the prime spot in the lounge.

In fact, there are all sorts of seats in the lounge, from booth to cafe to sofas to loungers with footrests. There are also currently some workstations with Mac computers. The rugs in the lounge feel very South American with vibrant red, blue, and grey stripes on them. Not to my taste, but they liven up the lounge nonetheless.

Food-wise there is a big buffet with a coffee machine and fridges with cans of soft drinks. Plates of preprepared rolls are laid out, and these are fresh and tasty with cheese and lettuce and all sorts of other things in them, plus there is warm soup in a vat to help yourself to. There is also a self-serve bar with bottles of wine, and there are beers in the fridges. There is also a Chandon sparkling wine if you prefer bubbles. Finally, if you have a sweet tooth, there is a freezer with little pots of all sorts of different flavored ice cream to pick from. A nice touch and quite unusual for an airport lounge.

This is a very decent lounge and much better than the Avianca lounges at the same airport.

2. Copa Airlines Club Lounge

The Copa Club lounge in Bogota El Dorado airport is accessible to Star Alliance Gold members, ConnectMiles Gold members, Priority Pass cardholders, and Business Class travelers.

The Copa lounge is a lovely airport lounge located near gate 46, just past El Market. As you arrive, behind the desk is a green jungle wall (not sure if it’s real!) and is really stylish with lots of different dedicated areas separated with wooden partitions or greenery. There are blue rugs and all sorts of seating, from sofas to private work desk booths to comfy padded cafe-style seating to high tables with stools.

The buffet selection is fairly decent, with fresh sandwiches and rolls, vegetables, and snacks. This food is good, but not a patch on the food at the Star Alliance Lounge in Terminal B. Alcoholic beverages include beers, rum, and other spirits, wines, and a sparkling Cava.

The major advantage of this lounge is that it is hidden out of the way, so most flyers don’t find it, which means that it tends to be quieter than the other lounges at this airport, which is a real highlight.

3. El Dorado Lounge

El Dorado lounge is accessible with your Priority Pass membership and comes in third place in our listing of the best lounge because it looks nice. It is located in the international departures area (Terminal 1) in front of Gate 47. This lounge is stylish with earthy tomes and cowhide seats, a fun design, but the seats tend to be in rows, and the tables tend to be far from the seats, so it is difficult to work in here, and you can be forced to sit your laptop on your lap, which isn’t ideal.

What I do like about this lounge is the S-shaped single chaise longes by the windows, screened off from each other, and offering privacy and a place to shut your eyes.

When you check-in, you are given two free drink tickets, which you can use at the complimentary bar for wine, beer, and cocktails. Food-wise, you will find sandwiches, chips, nuts, fruit, and a few desserts. If you pay around $5 USD, you can access a hot meal area.

A highlight is the play area, which is designed as a lush forest-type environment and is fun to explore and play in.

4. Avianca Diamond Lounge Bogota Airport

The Avianca Diamond Lounge Bogota Airport is the fourth-best lounge at Bogota airport, and it can get so crowded that there aren’t enough seats available. This is rather ironic as BOG is Avianca’s main hub. The Diamond Lounge is open to Business Class passengers as well as LifeMiles Diamond members. There have been some reports that if you are a Star Alliance Gold passenger or a Priority Pass member, you won’t get access to this lounge and instead have to head to the Avianca Gold lounge. According to my Priority Pass booklet, this lounge IS a Priority Pass lounge, so it is worth a try with your pass.

This lounge is spacious, modern, stylish, and has double-height floor-to-ceiling windows. Much of the seating is in two’s around little tables, although there are some larger 4-groups of seats too. These two’s are often up against a wall or a window so offer some degree of privacy. There are also some relaxation areas with lounging chairs and footrests as well as high tables with stools by the windows, ideal for working.

The buffet area is extensive with lots of offerings, like pastry parcels, mini rolls and sandwiches, and so forth, all of which look pretty fresh. There’s a huge salad bar and a vat of warm soup and muffins for afters. In terms of alcohol, there is plenty of choice with bottled beer, wine, and spirits all available.

5. Avianca Sala VIP Domestic Star Alliance Airport Lounge

The domestic terminal at Bogota Airport is very pleasant, modern, and with big windows and lots of natural light. The Star Alliance Avianca Domestic Airport Lounge, which can be accessed by those flying Avianca in Business, its own top-tier flyers, and Star Alliance Gold members, is also a Priority Pass lounge between 6:30 am – 4:00 pm and then again between 7:00 – 10:30 pm. While the terminal is very pleasant, this airport lounge is fairly horrible, just one room that looks like the seating at an airport gate and not a lounge at all.

The white seating is arranged around tables in a cafe style, and the nice thing about this lounge is the floor-to-ceiling windows that look out onto the planes.

The food and drink are not noteworthy. Drinks include beer on tap after 4:00 pm, a rather small coffee and tea machine, a few fridges with some cans, coke, and bottles, and boxes of juices, in fairly limited supply and variety. The food on offer is whole fruit, some unappealing canape-sized buns on a plate, and some processed sealed pastries.

This is not a great room, and it doesn’t even have any toilets. You have to go out of the lounge to use the toilets (obviously no showers either). This lounge is not worth paying for, although if you get entrance for free with your Priority Pass, it is worth using.

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