How To Earn 172,261 American Airlines Miles From One Flight


This time last year, travel blogger “Lucky” revealed that one of his readers earned a whopping 172,261 AAdvantage miles from a single flight.

How Did He Do This?

He registered for a targeted American Airlines promotion offering triple miles on paid First and Business class tickets through early July.

His company then booked him a return trip to London Heathrow during this specified period.

He’s an AAdvantage Gold member so he earned 66,623 miles for the outward journey and 105,638 miles for the return journey.

The funny thing was that after he registered for the promo, he had apparently totally forgotten about it and he was not expecting these points at all. He remembered when he returned home and saw how many miles he had accrued.

Why Do We Care?

There is a moral to this story. Make sure you register for all possible promos and keep an eye on frequent flyer blogs for any crazily good deals.

Status helps, but whatever your status, don’t forget to register for all mile and point promotions regardless of whether you intend to use them or not. A small change of plans could mean you hit the jackpot.

You can read the full story on One Mile At A Time.

What’s The Catch?

There are occasional catches. I booked a fabulous Iberia flight offer in 2018 which netted me a whole load of Avios miles. I booked a flight with these miles which was meant to fly London to Nice during the French strikes last week. My flight got cancelled completely and I was allocated a flight with a different flight time that flew from a different airport.

No-one told me (they didn’t email or text me). I can only imagine this was because I had collected the miles in a convoluted way and with an account (Iberia) that I don’t usually use. The result was that I almost missed my flight and I am now in Monaco (Hurrah! see my view on our Instagram account) but am flying back into a different airport from my outward flight.

Neither BA or Iberia will help me as my outbound and return flights aren’t linked. So collecting miles does work and get you some great deals, but if they go wrong, you can end up in a pickle.

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