Best Sites To Buy Designer Men’s Clothes Cheap


For generations, designer clothing has added an extra touch of sophistication to outfits. Be it a well-cut t-shirt or shirt, a stylish pair of trousers or designer shoes, designer clothes offer a way to show success as well as a way to look nice in a well-designed and attractive piece.

In fact, I often think that buying something of high quality is overall cheaper than buying a bunch of cheap items. As an example, I made a ridiculous cheap clothing purchase last week. I bought my son 3 pairs of cheap Minecraft socks from Primark purely because of his love for this game. It is the first item of clothing I have ever bought from Primark and it will be the last. Within two wears they have developed holes and to be quite frank, I might as well have flushed my £2 GBP down the toilet.

If I had bought him a single pair of designer Ralph Lauren socks for £10 GBP, he would still have them, so even though the initial outlay is higher, I would have saved money when working out the cost per wear.

Of course, the initial outlay for designer items can be very, very high. Unaffordable for many. But I have the solution for buying these high-quality, long-lasting items which express your style, cheaper. In this article, we investigate the best and safest way to buy genuine cheap men’s designer clothes, which include discounted t-shirts, shirts, jeans, tracksuit bottoms, trousers, shorts and more. High-quality items which will last, without the risk of purchasing fakes or knock-offs like you might pick up at your local market.

Where To Buy Designer Clothes Cheaper

There are many places that you shouldn’t go to buy cheap designer clothes. Your local market is one. One of those pop-up shops which tend to fill vacated shops for a short time is another. You could try eBay or an online clothing app, but you are risking buying fakes or used items.

You could consider traveling abroad to buy your cheap designer clothing. Even though the price isn’t necessarily the same around the world, the savings on genuine items are likely to be minimal and it’s hard to work out the best “cheap designer clothes destinations”. If you travel far from home, you may well be sold a fake and there will be little that you can do about it. Add in the cost of the flights and you are unlikely to make any savings at all.

There are actually very few places you can buy genuine designer men’s clothing for a discounted price but I have outlined the four best ways below and my top pick is Khakisurfer.

1. Duty Free

Of course, this isn’t a website, although at some airports you can preorder online. If you travel through the airport, particularly a high-end terminal like London Heathrow Terminal 5, you will find all the designer brands at tax-free prices. The prices are 20% less than you would pay in central London and they even have small sales so you can really pick up a bargain. There are designer shops like Burberry, Rolex, Louis Vuitton, Paul Smith, and many more here, so if you are flying out of LHR T5, in particular, this is a great place to buy your designer clothes and bags.

2. Online Sales

After Christmas in the New Year, and in the summer, even designer shops have sales. Ralph Laren bombard my inbox daily with sale offers, they are currently at the very end of their summer sale with 50% off. Bear in mind that the style and size you want may no longer be available in these sales, but if you are flexible and are prepared to wait for the sale, you can pick up cheap designer clothes using this method.

3. In-Store Sales

Sometimes there is more of a range of sale items actually in the store. For example, Burberry in Knightsbridge has a very good sale twice a year (I have picked up some lively discounted handbags in this sale). If you are in London in July or January, this is another way to pick up cheap designer clothes and items for men and women, but this is not online. You have to go to the actual store.

Designer clothes are definitely worth the investment. They offer prestige and they usually last longer than your high street alternatives. Just make sure you buy genuine items by taking our advice and buying your clothing from retailers and websites that you can trust.

Note: Posts may be sponsored by the proprietor or brand being appraised. All opinions remain our own & are in no way influenced.