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Review: Best China Airlines Business Class Lounges At Taiwan Taoyuan Airport


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Taiwan Taoyuan International Airport features a total of four (!) different Business Class lounges for departing China Airlines Premium passengers now. The rules apparently say you can only really use one for your flight. However, there is no internal system that tracks where you have actually been before, so ‘lounge hopping’ isn’t a problem.

There is no real reason to lounge-hop unless you are a travel writer! Most feature an uninspiring menu of food options that won’t raise your appetite in any way. The same goes for the uninspiring drinks menu. The only difference is the occupancy and if you like modern interior design (only a few have it). Generally, these lounges have minimal natural light and no views.

When I arrived at the gate, boarding hadn’t started, and huge lines thronged all over that old part of the terminal. The boarding announcement was so loud it overcame my headphones easily. I found it a very unpleasant place to wait.

These lounges can be visualized by looking at the accompanying photos.

I visited these lounges before my flight which was a Business Class mistake fare from Jakarta to Taipei on their A350 for just under $600 USD Round Trip for a total of 12 hours in lie-flat Business Class.

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China Airlines has been named the most turnaround airline worldwide – they came from a reputation for miserable old planes and a shaky safety record to one of the safest airlines in Asia with some of the newest jets.

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