CIA Has A Secret Diet That Will Beat Jet Lag Which Really Works!


It’s not what you will want to hear. Why is everything that’s nice and makes you feel better, bad for you?

For this jet-lag-beating diet, the premise is simple, avoid carbs, caffeine, alcohol, and basically everything but water when you fly. Even a little snack can ruin everything. In fact, you can go one step further by feasting and fasting a whole 3 days before your flight to beat jet lag. Apparently, it really works!

Do you ever get the feeling that you’re in “The Good Place*” that is actually “The Bad Place”? (*reference to the Netflix series). Everything that keeps you going before, during, and after a long flight, is in fact terribly, terribly bad for you. You can’t raid the airport lounge salad and cake bars. You can’t enjoy the in-flight meal that you’ve paid for…

Will I Follow This Guide?

Frankly, life is too short to be this mean to myself. I don’t eat red meat, I only have egg white omelets, I never, ever eat crisps… but on a long flight, when I’m super tired, I blow the whole healthy eating malarky out of the water. I ate the scone above on my last British Airways outward flight from Gatwick (and it was only a two-hour flight so I didn’t really have an excuse).

When I fly long-haul, it is fast food and fizzy pop that keeps me going. I eat all the in-flight meals, I occasionally have a glass of beer and when I arrive at my destination I will probably head down to Subway for a footlong and a large packet of lays at an ungodly hour. Yes, I DO get bad jetlag as a result. But I simply don’t have the willpower to endure a CIA 4 day fasting regime.

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