Christmas Flight: British Airways London Heathrow To Nice In Club Europe

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This week I was terribly lucky to book my Christmas flights out of Heathrow rather than Gatwick with its drone problems. The London Heathrow (LHR) Terminal 5 flight to Nice is a route I regularly fly and was a great experience as usual.

The trip started with a Pod trip as I always prefer to pay the extra and to use Pod Parking. Check-in was quick and easy and we were advised to go to the Heathrow Galleries South lounge which was nearer to our gate than the Gatwick North lounge.

Big mistake. The BA Galleries South airport lounge always seems to be super busy with very few spare seats, and coincidentally, every time I go in there, someone seems to do a massive sneeze while I am inspecting the buffet food!

So after a quick walk around the South lounge, we decided to head to the British Airways Galleries North Lounge in Terminal 5 which was, as usual, a great experience. It was still breakfast time and I have outlined the breakfast spread in the BA Galleries North lounge in Heathrow Terminal 5 separately.

The flight itself went without mishap. It was completely full in Economy but there was plenty of space in Club Europe and I was happy to have a spare seat next door to me. The takeoff was smooth, the rain was drizzling as we took off but we were soon up in the sky and above the clouds so the sun shone in.

We flew over the Alps and I was pleased to see a lovely sprinkling of snow across the ski resorts, ideal for our ski trip later in the season!

We were offered a hot towel on takeoff and then a meal and drink during the flights. In fact, you could have as many drinks as you wanted… I must be the only one who chooses sparkling water or diet coke over the champers. Everybody else seemed to be sloshing back the booze…

The food on offer was a choice of three dishes, a cold beef salad with balsamic vinegar, a goats cheese salad and a third, but by the time the trolley arrived at row 5, the third option had been used up. I have pictured both of these lunchtime meal options in my British Airways Club Europe lunch menu review.

Both came with warm soft rolls with butter, a starter of smoked salmon with salad cream dressing (yummy) and a dessert of a vanilla mouse with passionfruit jelly and a chocolate and raspberry stuck to the top. All was delicious, no complaints from me!

The weather as we arrived into Nice was clear and following a swoop over Cap Ferrat looking down upon the iconic Four Seasons Grand Hotel Du Cap Ferrat, we landed in Nice early.

I am now in Monaco for Christmas where the decorations are exquisite. Merry Christmas everyone!

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