Beefy! British Airways Club Europe Lunch Menu


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This week, I was terribly lucky to book my Christmas flights out of Heathrow rather than Gatwick with its drone problems. I flew British Airways from Terminal 5 to Nice. On this 2-hour flight, I enjoyed the British Airways Club Europe lunch menu.

We were offered a hot towel on takeoff and then a meal and drink during the flights. In fact, you could have as many drinks as you wanted… I must be the only one who chooses sparkling water or Diet Coke over the champers. Everybody else seemed to be sloshing back the booze…

The British Airways Club Europe lunch menu included three dishes: a cold beef salad with balsamic vinegar, a goat’s cheese salad, and a third, but by the time the trolley arrived at row 5, the third option had been used up. I have pictured both of the remaining lunchtime meal options in my British Airways Club Europe lunch menu review.

Both came with warm, soft rolls and butter, a starter of smoked salmon with salad cream dressing (yummy), and a dessert of a vanilla mouse with passionfruit jelly and chocolate and raspberry stuck to the top. I went for the vegetarian goat’s cheese dish, and hubby had the beef. Both were delicious!

See all the menu choices in my pictures above. The food was from caterer Do&Co, as shown on the chocolate.

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