This Is NOT The New American Airlines Toilet: The Big Divide


While American Airlines reduce their toilet sizes to something that is hardly functional and guaranteed to splashback from the sink and the loo when you go, some other airlines show respect their passengers with toilets fit for a king. Check out the First Class toilet our reporter experienced on his latest Singapore Airlines flight from London Heathrow and pictured above.

Is this the new divide, the ultimate showcase of a class system in the sky? Is it only the rich or those spenders who are super clever with their air miles that don’t have to endure the indecency of “densified” or sardine can planes and their splashback toilets?

To be honest, it is a sad day when you have to fly Business to avoid leaving the lavatory in splashback shame. It appears that day has come.

Unfortunately, most of us can’t afford to travel that much (if at all) in Business. My job takes me all over the world and I simply cannot travel in such a volume without sometimes enduring economy.

In fact, I often consider just sticking to Europe so that I don’t have to burden my wallet with the ridiculous cost of Business Class flights and I think it is jolly unfair that, even those booking flexible economy fares have to endure these stupidly small cubicles.

The solution?

Save air miles like a madman so you don’t have to pee down your trousers or spray your skirt with the tap.

Alternatively, you could travel less far and enjoy holidays closer to home. Lets face it, most of us can hold it in for a 2-hour flight.

If you do need to fly furthafield, we highly reccomend these lovely Singapore Airlines toilets. For those of you looking forward to yoiur next trip on a densified AA plane… I can only suggest avoiding too much drink before your flight.

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