How This Couple Flew Around The World In First Class For Free!


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I jet about in British Airways European Business Class for free with points earned on my free Amex Gold Card which is an incredible deal with a huge free bonus of Membership Rewards and even more if you apply through our referral link. You can apply for the UK & US card right here, but my friend Alex and his wife have flown around the entire world in First and Business Class for free (just paying taxes and fees)!

In fact, this frequent flying team are proven experts in snagging reward flights for the ultimate around the world trip. But before you go green with envy, remember that they are not high-flying billionaires, they are just regular guys like you and me and they have played the credit card game like a Vegas Ace. In fact, just a couple of credit cards combined with clever planning bagged them this trip-of-a-lifetime.

Tell Us About Your Latest Trip?

In 2017, I surprised my wife with a 24-day trip around the world. We took 3 first-class flights in airline suites and apartments and 2 business class flights. We spent more than 52 hours in the air drinking champagne and eating luxurious food traveling to Singapore, Vietnam, Australia, and Dubai.

The full price for our trip would have cost around $55,000 USD. If we flew economy, it would have cost us $4,620 USD. But by using our points (311,000 in total), we paid only $2,173 USD to fly around the world (essentially just taxes and fees)!

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