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As a proud luxury travelling geek I get very excited when I hear about a fabulous new beach towel! They are a vital accessory for my summer travels and I want mine to be practical yet standout stylish. Dock & Bay are a very fun brand with an excellent towel that more than meets my stringent requirements – mine is packed already!

The Towels

The Dock & Bay luxury towels are made from microfiber, which dries 3 times faster than a normal cotton towel while at the same time feeling beautifully soft. All their towels are lightweight, leaving lots more room in my case for my holiday wardrobe and yet they are large enough to cover a sun bed (especially the extra large size). The clever material means that the sand doesn’t stick to the towel (oh a pet hate of mine!) and it means you leave it at the beach for making castles with! They have a handy elastic hook so you can hang them up when you’re back at your villa or hotel and they’ll dry in no time.

The team are passionate eco-warriors and believe in a sustainable future. As part of doing their bit, the outer plastic packaging is 100% biodegradable and the Active collection towels are even 30% made of recycled plastic bottles!

The Ranges

There are 6 collections, all which share a common theme of funky colours and celebrate the iconic stripy deckchair print. The signature collection is the Cabana Collection; fabulous wide stripes that come in 11 colours. For a plainer look that is still fun, the Class Collection comes in bold single colours and the Active Collection is a paler alternative ideal for yoga and calmer pursuits. To jazz things up a little, the Summer Collection features those funky deckchair stripes in glorious multi-colour or for an even funkier look the Festival Collection is vibrant and very eye catching. There’s also the utterly unique Round Collection perfect if you really want to stand out on the beach, they also work very well as a sharing towel for romance on the sands! Watch this space too, they are just introducing their brand-new swim shorts range, made from 100% recycled plastic bottles!

About Dock & Bay

Dock & Bay was founded by two intrepid travellers who get as excited by beach towels as I do – delighted to know there are more of us! They were driven to take a risk in business as well as in life and Dock & Bay was born from a desire to enjoy life and inject some colour into our lives. Today the brand is growing fast and is becoming the trendy towel to take on those luxury travels and beyond.

Dock & Bay are interesting beyond just towels too! They appeared on the popular Dragons Den TV show and (spoiler alert!) gained investment from Deborah Meaden! And their Colour of Summer campaign (it’s an annual thing) involved taking six individuals on a trip to Bali to be brand ambassadors!

Dock & Bay

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