Is This Legal? The Weird & Wonderful Things You See On Your Travels!


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I couldn’t resist sharing this little anecdote from my travels with my lovely readers. I am sometimes surprised by the levels of health and safety outside the UK and this unusual practice showcases exactly what I mean.

Having just arrived at the Hotel Hermitage in Monte Carlo, my favourite hotel in this vibrant city, I decided to step out onto my balcony to admire the view across the harbour, which was as magnificent as ever.

I then looked downwards at some building work happening around 7 floors below my room (not connected to the Hermitage Hotel) and I was met with the vision photographed above. Namely 2 builders on their lunch break, having a snooze in sleeping bags and using their blow torch as a way of keeping warm! Take a look at our scroller photos to get perspective on the location of this snoozing position.

Perhaps I am a worrier but the safety of this has got to be questionable? It is amazing what you see when you travel!

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