Welcome To In-Flight Hell: The New Upright Coach Seat


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We have already covered the new densified cabins on the British Airways A320 Neo plane. Italian design company, Avio Interiors, have unveiled its Skyrider 2.0, which “allows an ultra-high density in the aircraft”, at Aircraft Interiors Expo in Hamburg. This new seat will enable airliners to cram 20% more passengers onto their planes, according to Avio Interiors.

The design has a reduced pitch, due to the horse’s saddle design, meaning passengers fly in a more upright position. Rather than sitting down they lean into their seats as they fly. These seats also weigh 50 per cent less than a standard economy seat.

Avio say “Its main feature is the original bottom that ensures an increased upright passenger position allowing installation of the seat at a reduced pitch, while maintaining an adequate comfort.”

Many airlines seem to be playing with ideas about how to fit more passengers on board. Budget airline VivaColombia claims that it is considering removing all seats from its aircraft to fit “vertical travel options”.

My thoughts

Air travel used to be glamorous and as much about the journey as the destination. Nowadays, airlines are clamouring for headline rates and the least possible comfort, sucking the joy out of the in-flight experience. Forget luxury, flying like this will be more like travelling on a busy tube train. I take pleasure in flying. It is exciting to go somewhere different and speeding above the clouds. The luxury side of air travel seems to be eroding slowly, even Business Class on short-haul is going downhill. It remains to be seen whether the headline rates will capture bookings on these hellish and ridiculously densified planes, or whether people will eventually draw the line at this Primark of air travel.

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