Top 5 Poolside Must Haves For Your Summer Vacation

Style : Accessories

The beautiful sunshine that the UK is enjoying this week (for once!) has made me think about what I’m going to be taking with me poolside on my luxury travels this summer. My top 5 poolside must haves for 2018 are both things that make my time at the pool or on the beach more comfortable and also add vital style points!…


The most comfortable and practical footwear for the poolside has to be the flip flip and my flip flops definitely have to be flopZ. Their colourful flip flops come in a fab range of colours and feature a unique massaging sensation to keep your feet feeling rejuvenated all day long.

FlopZ hip designs are inspired by tropical oceans and combine the unique luminescence of tropical fish and coral reefs. The huge range has masculine, feminine and neutral designs, there’s a flopZ flip flop for everyone! As well as looking stunning on your feet, they feature a unique flopZ gel insole that treats your feet to their very own little massage as you stroll about the pool. Even better, the gel protects the colourful designs so they don’t suffer the irritating fade that many brands do. It’s not just us they’ve got seduced either; flopZ have featured in Vogue, Grazia, OK, Good Housekeeping and Conde Nast Traveller and are stocked in some of the most exclusive Resorts and Spas in the world, including the One & Only Spa Reethi Rah in the Maldives.

Pool Side Heels

For moments when you need some high-end style by the pool, a colourful and beautiful pair of poolside heels are also essential for posing around the pool (and make the perfect contrast to the ever-so-useful flip flop. I absolutely love Terry de Havilland‘s selection of shiny heels. They are also surprisingly practical, as most designs come with a lovely, high but clumpy heel, which means that you won’t sink into sand if you take a stroll with them on the beach.

Heidi Klein Swimwear

A beautiful bikini will ensure you stand out poolside and is an essential poolside must have. My Hamptons Bikini looks even better in the flesh than on the website. Straight from their latest Heidi Klein collection, I have already worn it around the pool at the Royal Riviera Hotel (pictured above) this spring and it looked fabulous!

Ripa & Ripa Men’s Swimshorts

Not to leave the men out, to ensure a trendy gent poolside, check out Ripa & Ripa Men’s Swimshorts. Anna Laura Hoefer and Oliviero Muzi Falconi are the co-founders of one of Italy’s first brands to challenge men’s swimwear as we know it. Gone are the tacky numbers covered in sharks or penguins, instead enter understated elegance combined with contemporary design and traditional Italian craftsmanship. Ripa & Ripa is being sold in some of the most up-market stores in Europe, like La Rinascente in Milan.

BohoBellaMar Jewellery

Funky, bohemian jewellery has a real summery vibe and looks fab poolside; the range from BohoBellaMar is gorgeous and perfectly fits this brief. The eclectic, unique and chic pieces are inspired by the sunshine of Marbella with an added touch of Scandinavian simplicity. The jewellery features natural gemstones such as Amazonite and Obsidian as well as coloured Jade stones. The recent collection was inspired by Thailand and is stunning set with Moss Agate stones and gold.

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