Should I Book Business On American Airlines Or British Airways With My Avios?


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American Airlines in Business Class is much better than British Airways but for the New York to London routing (and back), it costs 10,000 more Avios than a comparative Business Class flight on British Airways. So which should you book?

I have reviewed a number of my flights on American Airlines in Business Class which can be compared to my British Airways Business Class flight reviews.

On the New York route, American Airlines Business Class costs 60,000 Avios vs. British Airways Business Class costing 50,000 Avios. They have the same taxes and fees.

I think American is worth the extra 10,000 Avios each way. In a nutshell, the seats are and feel larger and are more comfortable so are more conducive to sleep. Add to this, so far none of the BA Business Class Cabins offer direct aisle access seats, which means you will have to climb over neighbors or they will have to climb over you to get out on an overnight flight. BA keeps talking about a new Club World with direct aisle access but this has never come to fruition and the current BA seats are narrow and the foam feels thin and uncomfortable.

American Airlines offers large and much more comfortable seats usually with direct aisle access which is a big deal at night and will give you a better chance to sleep.

Cabin staff, food, and amenities are all comparable but I would always spend the extra 10,000 Avios to properly relax.

Read about the two airlines in more detail in my comparison between American Airlines vs. British Airways in Business Class.

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