Brand New Low Cost Airline: American Airlines!


Yes, you read the title of this article right, American Airlines are joining the race to the bottom and are entering the low-cost airline game.

I am, in fact, referring to American Airline’s new budget tickets that make it the latest airline to be joining this miserable trend. It frustrates me as I am not looking for low cost, and I don’t believe that many travellers look purely at the price. If I were, I would fly on Norwegian Airlines or the dreadful Wow. I am looking for a decent Economy, Premium Economy and Business Class experience, where staff are not worked into the ground and have the time to be pleasant. I also like the little extras; a glass of soft drink, nibbles and even a light bite, and I like to think my pilot is competent and not on minimum wage. These factors are more important to me than price..

American Airlines announced this week that it would begin basic economy pricing on some long-haul flights. Starting in April, the largest U.S. airline by passenger traffic will offer no-frills tickets on select trans-Atlantic flights to battle against low-cost carriers.

American, Delta Air Lines and United Airlines have each introduced cheaper fares on a variety of routes lately to match budget airline fares. These new low-cost economy tickets will include fewer complimentary offerings and pricey add-on fees for seat selection, checked bags and other services. The rollout will include low-cost fares with British Airways, Iberia and Finnair.

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